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How to use Business Expert

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The comparison engine collects data real time from invoice finance providers so you are always sure of getting the best fit. Every known UK invoice finance provider is included in the comparison. There are exceptions entirely out of our control such as where there are local community providers or hybrid brokers. Other than that we compare what invoice finance is available and appropriate saving you time and money.

To get the best from the system we suggest you read below first before completing the questions. If you are confident you have sufficient information about your company affairs then:
 Get a quote now.
Compare and Compete Explained: Step-by-Step

Step 1. Complete the user friendly form in about 3-5 minutes.

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Step 2. The comparison engine provides a detailed comparison of every invoice discounting and factoring option in the UK based on your input. You will be provided with a list in priority order determined by your requirements.

Step 3. Select up to your top four potential providers at the click of a mouse and the details you provided are sent to your selected providers, confidentially and securely. Be aware you will need to provide an email address to use this FREE service.

Step 4. Each potential provider is told who they are competing with. The providers know each other so they compete with each other to offer you the very best terms. 

Step 5. Create your own personal login to save your results. You can view every rate, advance, and potential risk explicitly for each potential provider. You will see an example report when you start the comparison process.

Step 6. All email communications and documents are held confidentially and securely in your personal login area. Communicate direct with the providers direct in your private login and we will send you alerts when your emails come in. Make sure to check you trash folder and add us to your favourites.

Step 7. You select your provider and get the very best invoice finance terms available. You can deal directly with providers with no human involvement whatsoever if wanted.

You can simply input ballpark figures if you are looking for a ballpark quote and save it! And return later to improve it! 

 Get a quote now.

If you find a provider we should include let us know and if we agree we will donate £250.00 to Children with Cancer our designated charity.

All terms, rates, advances, etc. are provided by the invoice finance providers and updated in real time so we do everything possible to make the quote as accurate as possible.

Selecting the most appropriate provider is not all about cost so make sure you read the relevant Scheme Features. ALL providers will provide a more detailed pricing response in their tailored quote. 

To get the best out of the system you will need a reasonable understanding of your debtor book if not read this page first before starting the questions so you can see what you will need to hand.

There are question help buttons alongside key questions to provide insight from the providers and ourselves to assist.

The software will provide an unlimited number of relevant providers based on the information you provided. A rules based system calculates the best fit for your circumstances. A mini-report is provided showing the best fit for you and your company. The report will show every relevant Scheme feature, conditions, % advance etc. and you can view an example report alongside the questions.

You save the report in your personal login area and can revisit as many times as you like to read email email communications when sent by the provider. This login is easy to use but uses the latest encryption software for your privacy and security.

The system will recognise your browser when you return so you will need to login to continue with a search.

You select your top four choices by the click of your mouse and submit your details to the lenders. Your details are sent to your preferred providers. They are also informed who they are competing with and they compete for your business. They will respond to you via your login and you get the best deal available. 

 Get a quote now.