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Compare Business Gas

If your business needs gas, then researching the best deal is going to be an important decision. Not all supplier are equal, so you’ll want to assess reliability of supply, their customer service capabilities, and of course the cost. Our you can let us do the due diligence for you.

As Business utility experts, let us help find the very best deal to drive your business forward. We’re 100% business focussed.

What are the Top 10 Business Gas Suppliers in the UK?

Gas SupplierUnit Price (per kWh)Standing Charge (per day)Annual cost
British Gas3.24p35p£540
Scottish Power4.01p24p£563
Crown Gas & Power3.820.0p£533
Dual Energy3.94p25p£592

What Are The Average Business Gas Prices per kWH?

At our most recent update, the average gas unit price is 4.25p/ kWh with a daily standing charge of 40p per day.

For a smaller company that consumes15,000 kWh per annum, this would mean an average bill of £706 each year.