Business Expert is a registered partner of The High Street Group. If you would like to download more information about HSG’s loan note offering, please do so below.

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  • 12-15% fixed annual returns
  • Award Winning UK Developer with over £1 Billion Project GDV
  • Comprehensive security provided by a Debenture over the Group’s assets + a Corporate Guarantee 
  • Fantastic Track Record of Delivering Returns to Investors
  • Bonuses for longer terms

    Who are The High Street Group?

    The High Street Group is made up of three primary companies:

    High Street Residential

    HSG Residential is focussed on building high end residential developments in desirable areas. Tailored to the Build-to-Rent market, High Street Residential plans to develop rental properties for 15,000 people or more in some of the UK’s most sought after locations over the next 5 years.

    High Street Hospitality

    HSG Hospitality focussed on the development of leading hotels, bars and restaurants. The group actively seeks opportunities before redesigning, renovating and launching the businesses to be managed profitability by the brand.

    Brands within HSG Hospitality include Pazzo, Loca or Bar 52.

    All Saints Construction

    All Saints Construction has a vision to become the leading developer of homes and commercial buildings in the North East of Britain.
    Also, to provide a professional end-to-end construction service to external clients in the building sector.

    Subsidiary brands include All Saints Living.

    High Street Group Investment Review

    We have over 60 years’ experience in almost every aspect of financial services and UK property investment. Our key advisors have advised the boards of Legal & General, Sun Alliance and Laser UK (BNP Parisba) as well as working with every major bank in the UK. With low interest rates high level investors are seeking more effective ways to increase income and or diversify a portfolio. Loan Notes are becoming more popular and can be very attractive to the appropriate investor.

    This kind of investment has in the past only been available to ‘institutions’ or those ‘in the know’ but the internet is changing this and Loan Notes are becoming more widely known. The only way to sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’ is via competent due diligence but this can be very time consuming for usually very busy investors.

    If you are seeking the ‘right property investment’ then we can at least narrow down the field and reduce your workload.    

    We are pleased to say we have partnered with The High Street Group because we found them to be way ahead of the rest of this property Loan Note sector. We are proud to be a registered agent of The High Street Group and if you are a property investor then this Loan Note should certainly be considered as part of your portfolio.

    Why Invest in The High Street Group?

    With any due diligence you should always consider who are the people running the company and what is their track record. Gary Forrest was well known in the property and financial sector before setting up The High Street Group in 2006 in Newcastle. Being a keen investor you will know the recession started in 2007 and Gary Forrest had to work smarter and be creative in a very difficult property market. Starting in specialist commercial bridging loans he had vision others did not and saw an opening in the direct property development finance issuing Loan Notes.

    Slowly but surely The High Street Group has grown by adding to its Property Development Team with many decades of experience to call on. By moving into the Construction area they have been able to reduce the common risk factors involved when out-sourcing major construction work. The projects have grown and grown under Gary Forrest and he has a reputation for delivering major projects. The recent diversifications into Property Rental Schemes (PRS), Hospitality and Roof-Top/Attic Conversions have added hugely to the ongoing success of The High Street Group under Gary Forrest’s direction.

    The High Street Group Loan Note is asset backed and supported by inter-company guarantees. In addition to this security in the event of a default the company assets and managed by trustees Castle Trust Group.

    As of May 2019 the certified Gross Asset Value retained in The High Street Group is £112m with a net asset value of £68.68m. As of May 2019 Gary Forrest’s certified personal property net asset value is valued at£41.35m

    The High Street Group has raised £100m from institutional and professional, private investors to fund its pipeline of build-to-rent and rooftop extension developments. 70% of finance came from family offices and institutions in the UK, and an international corporate bank

    The High Street Group is on target for £400m turnover and aims for £3bn turnover in 3 years.

    The High Street Group have a reputation for high quality Private Rental Schemes with an estimated pipeline value of £1.5bn and current Rooftop Extensions alone have an estimated £120m

    In the event of none payment of interest default Castle Trust Trustees are in place with first charge an all assets debenture. NB: This type of debenture includes all inter-company assets not just property.

    The High Street Group Loan Note Review

    The High Street Group’s 12% interest payable annually 10 days after the anniversary of the capital being invested. Your capital is accessible after 12 months with a 30 day notice period. For capital rolled over additional interest is payable

    For capital rolled over the capital can be used to expand the Rooftop Extension or Private Rental Sector (PRS).

    Why Private Rental Schemes?  

    • In the past ten years, the number of UK residents renting property has doubled, and roughly 20% of UK households (as high as 30% in London) are in private rented accommodation.
    • It is estimated that a third of these tenants will continue to rent, due to the rising cost of home ownership. Research suggests that one in three millennials (adults born between the early 1980s and 2000s) will stay in private renting beyond retirement.
    • It is estimated that the Build to Rent Sector could drive property investment to £70bn by 2022, with the potential to each at least 240,000 homes built for rent by 2030

    To view a detailed presentation that provides the High Street Group’s strategy you will need to register your interest click here.

    The High Street Group Loan Note Snapshot

    Capital access after first 12 months then annually after that with a 30 day notice period

    Substantial additional interest bonuses for capital rolled over increasing to 22% in year seven the maximum term

    Interest and Bonus Payments

    Capital Security

    The High Street Group Property Asset backed security supported by an all assets debenture and inter-company corporate and director personal guarantee. In the event of default Castle Trust Group manage the Group assets on behalf of investors.   

    Ongoing Communications

    The High Street Group provides Quarterly reviews and ongoing and regular property development updates

    Minimum Investment

    There is a low entry level of £25,000 compared to similar Loan Notes

    Restricted Availability

    As with other similar investments such as stocks and shares this kind of investment is not regulated so is not covered under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Availability is to professional investors, HNW earners, Institutional Investors, Sophisticated Investors, Companies with a £1m turnover plus. In simple terms these products are not suitable for ‘retail investors’.

    For further details or to register your interest in investing capital click here or call 08000 24 24 51.