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HSBC Bridging Loans

We are often asked whether HSBC do bridging loans. The answer is they do offer residential bridging loans, assuming they already arrange the mortgage for your existing property.

If this is not the case, or if you’re seeking a commercial bridging loan, you’ll need to look into the alternative lending market. In the UK there are over 40 lenders offering bridging finance. Very few of these are the high street banks, but rather specialist lenders with particular focus on short term lending.

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Alternatives to HSBC Bridging Loans

We are often asked to recommend a ‘best’ lender for bridging finance but the truth is every deal will have it’s own answer to that question. Depending on the size of the loan, what security you can offer, the LTV, and your exit strategy a range of different lenders will jostle for pole position. It’s not just the lowest rates which announce the best lender for you either, some lenders sneak in hidden charges futher down the line.

In short, you need a finance broker such as ourselves with whole of market access, but with the knowledge of the lenders to match you with the right fit.

Advantages of our Finance vs. an HSBC Bridging Loan

  • We have whole of market access
  • We offer commercial bridging, not just residential
  • We can offer 1st, 2nd or even a 3rd Charge Loan
  • Borrow from 100,000 to 250 million
  • Access to the UK’s lowest bridging rates