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Property Bond FAQs

Does Business Expert Charge fees?

Business Expert does not charge any fees. We are paid an introductory fee by the developer. Using our introductory service will also not affect any potential investment return in any way.

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  • Available to High Net-Worth Individuals and Sophisticated Investors Only
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Who Can Invest in Property Bonds and Loan Notes?

Our property bond and loan note investments are aimed very specifically at sophisticated investors and high net-worth individuals which means you should have enough depth of experience, capital and net worth to feel comfortable in more advanced types of investment opportunity.

This kind of unregulated investment is not available to the average retail investor.

Business Expert’s loan notes are specifically aimed at institutional investors, family offices, sophisticated investors and HNW individuals.

How do I Start Investing?

Please email us at for a certification form. This will be either for a high net-worth individual or a sophisticated investor. You will need to sign the relevant form in order to certify that you are one of these types of investors.

Can I Invest as a Business?


Are my funds covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)?

Property bonds and loan notes are not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Investments issued are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. These types of investments carry with them a degree of risk and you could lose all of your capital with these types of investments and similar investments like these. The investments that are on offer should only be considered if you are wither a high net-worth individual or a sophisticated investor.

If in any doubt, please seek independent financial advice from an authorised person.

What Happens if the Developer Becomes Insolvent?

In the event of the developer experiencing insolvency, investors could lose all of their capital. For some of the loan notes and property bonds available there are special purpose vehicles and fixed and floating charges over the developers’ assets which help to protect investors’ capital where possible.