The Business Expert website is designed to help users make their own decisions on financial products.

We are 100% independent, allowing us to present information without bias to help you make the best decisions possible for you business.

Our goal is to create the best possible financial information site in the UK, allowing for detailed comparisons of information around core business services. Our aim is not to provide advice, but the best and most current information available.

How We Make Money

We create all the information ourselves, including the comparison tables, and are paid a referral commission from the providers.

What we are paid depends on the provider and may involved a percentage fee based on completed sales, or per click through to the providers’ websites.

Who Do We Work With?

In each individual sector, we work with a diverse range of providers in order to offer the widest range of deals for businesses in the UK. We do not work with every single provider as some are not open to working with introducers, but we are always striving to expand our offering so that the entire marketplace is reflected for website visitors.

How We Keep Your Data Safe?

We take GDPR, data security and customer privacy extremely seriously and detail how we do that in our privacy policy.