See how Invoice Finance can help

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance offers an alternative to conventional financial borrowing. Invoice finance uses asset-based borrowing to transform unpaid invoices into capital, enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Issue invoices to clients as normal

Compare the Invoice Finance market and connect with a Partner

Control which invoices to finance with total flexibility

Create cash flow potentially within 24 hours

How Can Invoice Finance Help?

Remain 100% in control with flexible funding

Invoice Finance Partner requests are typically approved within 24 hours

Funding grows in line with your business’ growth

Receive greater funds from asset-based assurance

How Does Invoice Finance Work?

The concept is simple. Rather than waiting up to 90 days for an invoice to be paid, obtain an advance from an Invoice Finance Partner instead. This will enable you to focus on what’s important: growing your business.
Once the invoice is paid, your business receives the remaining balance of the invoice value, less any nominal charges. Typically, Invoice Finance Partners will provide between 85%-100% of the original invoice value within 24 hours.

Invoice Finance Variations


‘Hassle-free’ Invoice Financing. Fund all of your invoices through an Invoice Finance Partner whilst outsourcing credit control and risk.

Invoice Discounting

‘Discreet’ Invoice Financing. Invoice Discounting provides you with the option of creating capital against sales invoices, whilst your business retains full administration of credit control. Clients and suppliers are unaware of funding as it occurs directly between your business and the funding Partner.

Selective Invoice Finance

‘Fully-flexible’ Invoice Finance. Select the invoices that require funding and receive capital from a lending Partner. Ideal for businesses that are heavily influenced by seasonal trends, or for larger invoices that can provide a cash injection for the business.

Choosing a Partner

Deciding on a lending Partner is an important step in Invoice Finance. A business’ relationship with an Invoice Finance Partner will typically be over the longer term, so it’s crucial to compare multiple Partners prior to committing.

Using real-time data, Business Expert collaborates with 40+ of the UK’s top Invoice Finance Partners to help your business make an informed decision about Invoice Finance.

Factoring v Discounting


Invoice Factoring is a short-term method of ‘selling’ outstanding invoices to a Invoice Finance Partner. The Partner will then be responsible for collecting payment from the client or supplier, enabling your business to focus on growth.


Invoice Discounting is a longer-term method that keeps your business managing credit control, payment durations and terms. The Invoice Finance Partner will fund a percentage of the value for your invoices, directly with your business, therefore clients and suppliers remain unaware of the funding.

Benefits, Risks and Costs

Invoice Finance can provide a secure, discreet and effective method of creating capital for a growing business. All forms of borrowing includes a level of risk, therefore it’s essential to establish terms and conditions with your Invoice Finance Partner.
Take advantage of the variety of Invoice Finance Partners, by selecting the best deal for your business. Using Business Expert, you can quickly compare the costs of Invoice Finance for each Partner and lending type.

Is Invoice Finance suitable for my business?

Cash flow is a constant consideration for business owners. During the early stages of a business, and during periods of growth, it’s essential to maintain a healthy cash flow to cover costs and enable development.
Whether your business is starting out, or if you’re struggling to maintain consistent cash flow, Invoice Finance can provide stability, enabling you to focus on growing your business.