LendInvest is a leading fintech lender that is transforming the UK mortgage market. Founded in 2008, the company has lent over £6 billion to date and has established itself as one of the largest non-bank mortgage lenders in the country.

They offer a range of mortgage products for brokers and borrowers, including residential, buy-to-let, and bridging loans.

But are they a firm we recommend?

In this article, I will give an objective and balanced review of LendInvest, detailing its key features and rates with a particular focus on its bridging loan products.

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LendInvest Bridging Loans: Overview

LendInvest offers a range of unregulated bridging loans from £75K to £30M for both residential and commercial needs.

Loans can be used to quickly secure property purchases, fund refurbishments, raise capital, or refinance existing loans.

Key features include

  • Bridging Loans From £75k up to £30m, With up to 73% LTV
  • Rates Start from 0.89% per Month for Terms up to 18 months
  • Residential, Semi-commercial, Commercial and Land Financing
  • Interest can be Serviced, Retained or Rolled
  • No Early Repayment Charges
  • Flexible Minimum Interest Periods
  • Title Insurance Provided
  • 1st Charge (Unregulated and Regulated) or 2nd Charge (Regulated)
  • Free Legal and Valuations to Refinance your Loan to BTL
  • No Income or Affordability Proof
  • Enquiries Reviewed Fast
  • Direct Access to Underwriters
  • Fully Integrated and Easy to Use Portal

LendInvest has an excellent reputation. Most people praise its straightforward application process, its fully integrated offer via an easy-to-use web portal, and the speed at which the applications are reviewed.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for a LendInvest Bridging Loan?

Here’s the criteria to apply for a bridging loan with LendInvest:

Min. Max. Age21 to 75 (at end of term)
Max. Applicants4 (2 For regulated bridging)
Minor Structural WorksRequires one previous project
Refurbishement GDV ProductOne project needed for structural work, conversions or ground-up building
DepositSource must be disclosed. LendInvest may request evidence.
ServicingEvidence of means to service monthly interest might be needed
ExitRealistic strategy required including sale, inheritance, remortgage


Residential StatusUK resident for 36+ months, and current UK tax resident
Residential Status (Regulated)UK resident with 3 years of UK residential history
Gifted DepositsAcceptable excluding First Time Landlords.
10% personal funds required for FTL.
Must be from an immediate relative.
Deed of gift indemnity insurance needed.
Only on-shore funds acceptable.
Inter-family sales: 10% personal contribution needed.
Criminal ConvictionsOnly motoring or at underwriter’s discretion


Personal GuaranteeUK companies – From all directors and major shareholders.
Non-UK – From the principal or beneficiary.
Gifted DepositsAcceptable for Limited Companies with certain verifications
Past BankruptciesNo bankruptcy or winding up petition in the past six years

Application Process for LendInvest Bridging

Applying for a bridging loan with LendInvest is extremely simple. Everything takes place on their integrated web portal.

Login to the portal – For all bridging loan cases, you will need to log in to the LendInvest portal to apply. If you don’t have an account, you may need to create one.

Contact LendInvest – If you wish to discuss your deal before applying, you can contact LendInvest directly at 020 3846 6886

Complete the application form – Download the application form from the LendInvest website. Fill out the form either in print or digitally. Make sure to include as much detail as possible to help expedite the loan processing.

Submit the application – Once you have completed the application form, submit it to LendInvest. Ensure that the application is complete and accurate to facilitate a faster approval process.

Receive a Decision in Principle (DIP) and ESIS – LendInvest will issue you a Decision in Principle (DIP) and an European Standard Information Sheet (ESIS) based on the information and credit details you provided. This will give you an initial indication of whether your loan application is likely to be approved.

LendInvest Bridging Loan Rates

Here’s a detailed breakdown of LendInvest’s Bridging Loans rates

LendInvest Unregulated Bridging Rates

Loan Type / LTV<50%<55%<60%<65%<70%<75%<80%<85%
Refurbishment Bridge1.09%
Development Exit0.89%0.89%0.89%0.89%0.94%0.99%1.09%

LendInvest Regulated Bridging Rates

Rate50% LTV55% LTV
1st Charge 0.94% + rolled interest and fees we can lend
up to 65% LTV
0.94% + rolled interest and fees we can lend
up to 65% LTV
1st & 2nd Charge Combined0.99% + rolled interest and fees we can lend
up to 65% LTV
1.04% + rolled interest and fees we can lend
up to 65% LTV
Minimum Loan Size£75K£75K
Maximum Loan Size£3M£3M
Maximum Loan Terms12 Months12 Months
Interest MethodRolledRolled
Arrangement Fees2%2%

LendInvest Stepped Rates

Loan TypeInitial rateMonth 4-6Month 7-9Month 10-12Exit Fee
Residential0.84% – 0.94%+0.15%+0.15%+0.15%
Semi-Commercial0.95% – 1.00%+0.15%+0.15%+0.15%
Commercial1.00% – 1.05%+0.15%+0.15%+0.15%
Land1.00% – 1.05%+0.15%+0.15%+0.15%

LendInvest Refurbishment GDV Rates

Min. Annual Interest Rate1.05%1.09%
Minimum Loan Size£500.000£500.000
Maximum Loan Size£1.5M£1.5M
Minimum Exit Fees£0£0

LendInvest Development Rates

Minimum Interest Rate6.50% + BBR
Minimum Loan Size£1M
Maximum Loan Size£20M
Minimum Exit Fees1%

LendInvest Reviews & Ratings

Lendinvest trustpilot

Overall, LendInvest receives very positive reviews, earning an ‘Excellent’ TrustScore of 4.4 out of 5 based on over 376 reviews on Trustpilot.

The majority of reviews (71%) rate LendInvest 5 stars. Customers praise the quality of the service, and appreciate the fact that LendInvest often calls prior to the offer being issued, to discuss terms or even offer better deals.

15% of reviews are 4 stars. 6% are 3 stars, 5% are 2 stars, and 3% are 1 star. The negative reviews mainly concern the behaviour of the provider’s solicitors, and some, less frequent, withdrawals issues.

The vast majority of negative experiences with LendInvest relate to the investing part of their activity. Their bridging services has a sterling reputation.

In summary, Trustpilot reviews indicate high customer satisfaction with LendInvest lending services, owing to easy application process , favourable terms, and helpful support.

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LendInvest FAQs

What types of entities does LendInvest lend to for bridging loans?

Does LendInvest offer second-charge mortgages in their bridging loan offerings?

Is LendInvest open to lending to first-time buyers or expatriates?

Can investment properties be used as additional security for LendInvest bridging loans?

Does LendInvest provide bridging loans for properties located outside the UK?

LendInvest provides bridging loans for various entities, including those outside the UK. However, it’s not clear if the properties to be financed could be located outside the UK, and this might require further clarification from LendInvest.