Business expense solutions continually evolve, becoming faster, smarter, and more efficient, aiming to provide seamless financial management.

However, those feature-rich platforms can often be overwhelming for busy business owners, and the learning curve can be an obstacle when you’re looking to simplify your processes.

Founded in 2019, Moss betts on simplicity and ease of use to help you manage your finances with no frills.

In this review, I will assess Moss’ features, capabilities, benefits, and potential drawbacks to help you decide if it is right for your business.


Moss – My Verdict

Moss has positioned itself as one of the simplest platforms on the market. This might sound like an insufficiency or inadequate features, but upon exploring the platform, it is clear that this simplicity is its strength, not a weakness.

Moss has embraced the ideology of “less is more,” providing a user-friendly and efficient platform. Its user interface is clean and uncomplicated, shunning unnecessary bells and whistles that often serve to confuse rather than help.

It’s a breath of fresh air for those who appreciate a straightforward and easy-to-navigate approach to expense management.

Moss packs a powerful punch in its feature offerings. These might be simple, but they’re incredibly effective. They efficiently automate routine tasks, allowing you to focus more on your core operations rather than getting bogged down by administrative work.

The platform’s automatic import functionality is a game-changer. It allows for the seamless import of invoices, payments, and receipts into Moss. This functionality negates the need for tedious manual data entry, which has traditionally been one of the most time-consuming aspects of expense management.

However, Moss isn’t without its flaws. A downside to the platform is its lack of transparency concerning fees and pricing. This information isn’t readily available on their website, creating an unwelcome shroud of mystery around their pricing structure.

In order to ascertain the cost of using Moss’ services, potential you will be required to book a demo with their team. While this could be viewed as a minor inconvenience, it’s an unnecessary hurdle that could potentially deter users looking for quick information on pricing.

This lack of clear pricing may be a strategic move by Moss, allowing their sales team to highlight the platform’s features and benefits before discussing costs.

But in an age where consumers appreciate transparency and instant information, this approach could be off-putting for some potential clients.

Pros & Cons of Moss


  1. Simplicity – Moss is intuitive and easy to use. Their app is one of the simplest on the market.
  2. CashBack – You can earn up to 0.4% cashback on your daily expenses.
  3. Credit Card – Moss offers a Debit and a Credit Card
  4. Unlimited Cards – You can issue unlimited physical or virtual cards.
  5. Customisable Spending Limits – Moss lets you set spending limits on individual cards and teams, making it easier to manage business expenses.
  6. Seamless Integration – Moss is compatible with most accounting software, which ensures a smooth transition.


  1. Low CashBack – Moss offers relatively low cashback compared to some competitors.
  2. Monthly Fee – Moss does not offer a free plan, which might be a drawback if you want to reduce costs.
  3. Opaque Fee Policy – Moss’ fees are hard to understand and require booking a demo with their team.

A Brief History of Moss

Moss was founded in 2019 by Ante Spittler, Anton Rummel, Ferdinand Meyer and Stephan Haslebacher in Berlin.

In January 14, 2021, Moss successfully raised €21,000,000 in Series A funding, again with the support of Cherry Ventures.

6 months later, Moss secured €25,000,000 in Series A funding from Cherry Ventures and two other investors. This financing round marked a major milestone for the company, enabling them to expand their operations

In January 2019, Moss raised €75,000,000 in Series B funding from A-Star and four other investors.

Over the last 4 years, they secured € 130M in funding.

They employ more than 500 people and have issued over 90.000 corporate cards.

Key Features of Moss

  1. Flexible Corporate Cards – With Moss, you can issue unlimited corporate debit or credit cards. You can set spending limits, approve or block payments and set spending policies per individual, team or category.
  2. Virtual Cards – If you want to add a layer of security to punctual payments, you can issue virtual cards in seconds to keep your bank details hidden from your suppliers.
  3. Flexible Credit – With Moss, you can open a credit line of up to £2.5M monthly and enjoy flexible payment terms.
  4. Real-Time Spending Tracking – Moss lets you track your business spending directly from the app to keep control at all times.
  5. Automatic Receipt Treatment – The platform automatically imports your receipts and synchronises them with your budget tools to let you focus on your core business.
  6. Automated Accounting Prep – Moss processes your receipts in accordance with merchant-specific accounting rules to help you better prepare your book closing.
  7. Invoice Management – Moss extracts data from your invoices to import them to the expense management platform, drastically reducing manual work.
  8. Budget Tracker – The platform tracks your expenses and provides visibility on your monthly budget per employee, team and category.
Moss Card

Who is Eligible for a Moss Account?

To sign up with Moss, you need to be a registered business, hold a business bank account, and be 18 years old.

Moss is suitable for any business size and industry.

How to Open an Account with Moss?

The first step to joining Moss is to book a demo with a member of their team. They aim to ensure every new member knows how to use the platform’s features.

  1. Visit Moss – Visit and click on “Book an intro”
  2. Input your details – Name, email, company size and country of incorporation
  3. Follow the intro – A Moss member will guide you through the platform and teach you how to use its features
  4. Select a plan – Choose the pricing that best fits your business needs
  5. Start Using Moss – Once your intro is complete, add your payment details and start to using the platform right away

Moss Fees & Charges

Moss’ fees are articulated around 3 plans, each adding exclusive features.

Service & FeeSmart CardsProfessionalEnterprise
Monthly Fee£9 per UserVariableVariable
Physical Corporate Card1Free per User1Free per User1Free per User
Virtual Corporate Card£0£0£0
Additional Cards£9£9£9
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Virtual Cards
HR Software Integration
Invoice Management
Budget Control
Onboarding Support
Dedicated Customer Agent

Is Moss Safe to Use?

  1. Certified Platform – Moss is certified with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which ensures the safety of your funds and data.
  2. Data Protection and Fraud Prevention – Moss’ platform-wide controls ensure your personal data remains safe, secure, and compliant with GDPR.
  3. Segregation of Funds – The funds you deposit to Moss do not enter their account. It is directly sent to a regulated banking entity, which means Moss doesn’t have direct access to your funds.
  4. Powered by MasterCard – When using your Moss cards, you’ll be protected by MasterCard’s zero liability policy.
  5. Advanced Security Features.
    • Biometric Identification – Biometric features such as fingerprint or facial recognition provide a highly secure way to log into your app.
    • 3D Secure – This adds an extra layer of security for online transactions. A push notification is sent to approve the transaction directly in-app when required.
    • Virtual Cards – For additional safety when spending online, you can use a virtual debit card, keeping your main card details private and your bank balance safe.

So, is it safe? – Moss complies with most standard security features used by fintech companies, meaning you can join them without worrying about regulation and your funds and data’s safety.

Is Moss Good for International Payments?

Being powered by MasterCard, Moss is a safe option for making international payments.

However, be careful about the Foreign Exchange Fees.

  1. Moss Surcharge on Mastercard Exchange Rate – 2.0%

Moss’ features are user-friendly but not particularly oriented towards international use. If your business operates a lot overseas, I would advise you to consider another platform than Moss. For punctual payments and trips, the platform will suit your needs.

Does Moss Give Credit Cards?

Yes, Moss does provide credit cards, with a credit limit of up to £2.5 Million per month (subject to status).

The payment terms are flexible, you can choose 30 or 60 days.

You can also adjust individual cards’ credit limits as you would do with spending limits.

APR – 34.3% (Variable).

What’s the Moss App Like?

Moss app emerges as one of the simplest, most intuitive platforms available on the market. Its effortless interface, seamless navigation, and transparent feature display set it apart from other, more complex apps.

A detailed left panel outlines the platform’s features in an uncluttered, digestible format. This is a clear deviation from the usual barrage of pop-ups, hidden drop-downs, and complicated tabs.

Moss Budget

With Moss, the layout is clean and offers every function at a glance. It embodies the principle that effective design does not necessarily mean complex design; simplicity can be just as effective, if not more.

Card management is refreshingly straightforward. The process of adding, deleting, or issuing new cards is incredibly smooth. Instead of manoeuvring through a series of convoluted steps, Moss provides a clear path, enabling users to manage cards in just a few taps. This simplicity ensures that even the most technophobic user can easily manage their cards.

The reimbursement feature is clear and straightforward, letting you pay back your employees with a click.

Moss Reimbursement

Moss’s budget control charts are intuitive and easy to understand, with visual representations that make complex financial data easy to digest. These charts will offer the tools to comprehend your business’ spending patterns, make necessary adjustments, and control your finances effectively.

One of the most impressive features of the Moss app is the automated import of receipts and invoices. Traditionally, this process has been time-consuming and tedious.

Moss App

Moss app’s intelligent automation tools take the manual work out of the equation, providing an accurate import in seconds. This efficiency not only saves valuable time but also reduces the risk of human error.

Moss may not offer the most features and tools, but the ones they offer are extremely simple to use and work like a charm.

Moss Customer Reviews

Moss Trustpilot

80% of Trust Pilot reviewers award Moss 5 stars, with 9% giving a one-star rating.

Positive reviews speak of a “great platform“, “super service” and “great allrounder“.

What are the Alternatives to Moss?

Monthly Cost (Standard Account)£9 per user£0£6 per user£0
Monthly Cost per Card£0£6£5£5
Expense Cards
Expense Management
Invoice Management
Web App
Accounting Software Integration
Fee-Free Spending Abroad
Fee-Free ATM Withdrawal Abroad✅*
*denotes certain limits or monthly allowance after which charges apply

Moss FAQs

What is Moss?

Moss is an all-in-one expense management platform that consolidates all financial transactions, allowing you to maintain a bird’s eye view of expenses, automate financial tasks, streamline approval processes, and detect fraud or unusual activity.

Is Moss Safe?

Yes, Moss is safe. The platform implements a high level of encryption to protect sensitive financial data. It complies with major security standards and regulatory frameworks. Features like real-time alerts on suspicious transactions and stringent control mechanisms help prevent fraudulent activity.

Can Moss be Integrated with Other Software?

Absolutely. One of the key features of the Moss Expense Management Platform is its compatibility with a variety of other software tools. Moss can be integrated with popular accounting, HR, and EPR software to allow seamless data flow between systems.

Is Moss Suitable for Small Businesses?

Moss is designed to scale and can benefit businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. The platform’s simple features allow it to adapt to the needs of smaller organisations.