Business Expert’s invoice finance platform includes virtually every invoice finance company in the UK.

This is a quickly emerging sector, still unregulated, with new players arriving all the time. We update this page regularly, and hope to make it a quick and easy reference point to research the invoice finance company of your choice.

Alongside the high street banks, you will find small, highly specialised firms with a focus on particular sectors.

If you need a no-obligation quote, use our simple form to gain a range of competitive quotations from the best providers in the industry. With every lender at our fingertips, we make invoice finance as simple as possible.

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    Which are the Best Invoice Finance and Factoring Companies?

    Although we’re asked this often, there is no simple answer to this question since different firms will be appropriate for different companies requirements.

    In all cases, you need to investigate these companies robustly, and particularly their terms and conditions should you be considering finance.

    Look out for hidden costs or fees, or simply get in contact with us at any time for free advice about the providers which we feel would be right for your situation.

    Market Invoice

    Invoice finance provider - market invoice

    Europe’s largest invoice finance platform, Market Invoice has funded over £2bn worth of invoices since 2011. Barclays and Santander now have significant stakes, making it a very robust and well funded platform.

    In August 2013, the UK government – via the British Business Bank – began lending to UK small businesses through Market Invoice. This partnership has now seen more than £50m funded to date.

    MarketInvoice allows you to receive up to 90% of your invoice value within 24 hours and the remainder when the invoice is due.

    Market Invoice Strengths

    • High Limits: They can advance £5,000 to £3,000,000
    • Funding in 24 Hours: Apply online in just 15 minutes. Receive funds within 24 hours
    • Flexible Finance: Pay as you go, sell one invoice or many. Use only as and when you need finance
    • Low Rates: Typically pay between 1% and 3%

    Advantedge Commercial Finance

    Formerly known as Factor 21, Advantedge has grown to become one of the UK’s leading privately owned factoring companies.

    Based in the Thames Valley and Manchester, the Directors have over a 120 years’ experience of funding businesses.

    Their online tool provides real-time information, and enables immediate access to funding.

    “We know that it is people, not machines, that make the best funding decisions and are the key to good relationships,” commented Advantedge.

    “We offer a unique client manager system that ensures that your point of contact manages all aspects of your facility. We understand that it is shared knowledge that enables us to make the best funding decisions.”

    Advantedge Services

    • Invoice Finance Provides access to funds against the value of your invoices, with access to credit management services
    • Confidential Invoice Discounting Access to funding against the value of your invoices. Completely confidential to your customer
    • Credit Protection Protect your business against bad debt (and non-payment of invoices)


    Outsauce are recruitment finance specialists, and as the official partner of
    The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), a good choice if you’re in this sector.

    Outsauce Back Office Solution 

    Outsauce supply a full credit control function that will ultimately improve cashflow. They can raise invoices on client’s behalf within 30 minutes of confirmation of timesheet approval. They can also take care of online timesheets, payroll, payslips and RTI reporting along with all intermediaries reporting and relevant HMRC forms.

    Outsauce Invoice Financing 

    Outsauce fund up to 100% advance rates on temporary invoices and offer invoice discounting, factoring, online reporting and management information and much more.

    All of their facilities are online through our Resauce portal allowing 24/7 online access.

    Close Invoice Finance

    Invoice finance provider - close brothers

    Close Brothers Invoice Finance – voted Business Moneyfacts’ “Best Factoring & Invoice Discounting Provider” for the third consecutive year

    Who is Close Brothers Invoice Finance?

    Close Brothers Invoice Finance is part of Close Brothers Group plc, a FTSE 250 modern merchant banking group and one of the highest rated banks in the UK*. Providing the flexibility of an independent provider, combined with the financial strength of our merchant bank parentage, we offer our customers the best of both worlds.

    How Close Brothers are Different

    With direct access to underwriters, Close local teams are empowered to make quick decisions. They don’t just look at industry and turnover, but take into account factors that other banks may not be able to, such as your business objectives and future potential.

    Close commented: “Our market-leading technology, IDealTM is another reason why we stand out. Traditional invoice discounting solutions require manual reconciliation, adding overhead and accounting costs as well as the opportunity for error. IDeal™ seamlessly integrates with your accounting software and automatically reconciles invoice payments, saving you time and money. As well as this, our customers enjoy instant access to cash from their invoices, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.”

    * Moody’s bank ratings April 2016

    Skipton Business Finance

    Skipton Business Finance is a leading receivables financier with offices in Skipton, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Bracknell. Multi award-winning, they provide UK businesses with working capital through our flexible Invoice Finance solutions, including Invoice Factoring, Invoice Discounting and their award-winning My White Label solution.

    Whilst having the flexibility and speed of an independent business they are a wholly owned subsidiary of Skipton Building Society, a mutual financial institution that has been serving its members for over 150 years.

    Being a people orientated business, Skipton Business Finance has consistently won such accolades as “Factoring & Invoice Discounting Provider of the Year” and “Most Supportive Asset-Based Lender of the Year” from various organisations.

    Barclays Trade and Working Capital

    Barclays provide cashflow facilities for startups right through to bespoke working capital facilities for multi-million turnover businesses. They are able to provide a wealth of technical expertise and support to ensure that clients have the best possible solutions to help their businesses grow and thrive. Once on-boarded they provide specialist and dedicated managers to ensure quality client service, working closely with our Relationship Directors in the bank to ensure that there is one view and a joined up approach.

    Barclays Confidential Invoice Discounting product can provide up to 90% advance on unpaid invoices and they have an experienced team of business development managers who are able to structure facilities to suit individual needs.

    They are also able to provide Bad Debt Protection through our CID+ product which includes features including 100% cover, protracted default cover and discretionary limits of up to £10,000.

    Bibby Financial Services

    Invoice finance provider - bibby financial

    Bibby Financial Services prides its self on delivering innovate financial solutions to Small and Medium Sized Business. Enabling owner managers and directors to fulfil their business goals and ambitions by providing the financial support they need, when they need it!

    By offering flexible funding facilities ranging from £5k to £10m across a broad range of solutions it enables our Clients to run their businesses with confidence whatever the circumstances.

    Our business heritage of over 200 years allows us to support all business sectors whether they are new start, fledgling or well established. This experience also enables us to deliver facilities to our Customers and Clients whatever the financial circumstances.

    We recognise that a personal service is still important to some of our client’s. Through our network of 19 offices across the UK we have the ability to offer a local service with a local contact supported by the latest technology. This allows our clients to access our services by whatever means easiest for them.

    Business finance is what we do and all we do. 100% of our focus is directed in supporting our clients to realise their goals and ambitions.

    Creative Capital

    Creative Capital are an independent finance company based in Cheshire, but with national sales coverage.

    We are privately funded and owner managed, which enables us to make our underwriting decisions in house. The owners are still involved in the day to day running of the business, and still maintain regular contact with customers and introducers.

    Founded in 2010, we were one of the first specialist Selective Invoice Finance companies in the UK. Since then, we have expanded our operations to offer our clients Trade and Stock Finance facilities, amongst others.

    Selective Invoice Finance:

    This product allows our clients to pick and choose invoices to sell to us, as and when they need to. Rather than funding an entire sales ledger (as with factoring or invoice discounting), clients only raise the amount they need, when they need it. Our typical clients are owner managed businesses who are growing, but need some additional help getting onto the next step. We are able to finance a single invoice to a single debtor, or customers can put together a “batch” of several invoices to a few debtors.

    Customers use us when

    • They have a particularly large contract which needs funding
    • They have suffered a bad debt and need cash flow assistance to plug the working capital gap
    • Short term funding is required
    • They have seasonal businesses which do not require cash flow funding all year round

    Facilities range from £5,000 to £200,000 advances.

    Trade Finance:

    Trade Finance is used by clients who are purchasing finished goods to sell to an end customer on a matched order. Our facilities will cover up to 100% of landed costs (including VAT, duty and freight). For example, our client may have an order for 10,000 widgets from a good quality debtor, but does not have the cash in bank in order to pay suppliers etc. Creative Capital will purchase the goods in our name, and take an assignment over the stock and the final invoice. We are repaid by the proceeds of the invoice, with the remaining balance paid to our client. Again, our clients tend to be owner managed businesses who are doing well, but need assistance in reaching the next stage in their business life.

    Customers use us when

    • They have picked up a particularly large order which they need help funding
    • They are growing their business, but cash flow is restricting their growth
    • They have seasonal businesses

    Facilities range from £25,000 t0 £200,000

    Stock Finance:

    This is essentially the same as trade finance, but rather than having a confirmed order which requires funding, the company has on going stock requirements. Creative Capital again buy the finished goods in their name, but are this time repaid an agreed amount as and when the stock is sold to their customers. Ideally, the stock is stored at a third party warehouse and is released to Creative Capital’s order. Storage at our client’s warehouse can also be considered when appropriate.

    Facilities range from £25,000 – £200,000

    Secure Trust Bank Commercial Finance

    At Secure Trust Bank Commercial Finance, our team work closely with you and your business to understand exactly what you need, not just now, but into the future. Because we are part of Secure Trust Bank plc, we have a wide range of lending products, and can work alongside your existing lenders to find a solution that works for you and will help your business to thrive and grow.

    We can work quickly to get the funding in place. Wherever you are in the country we have an expert close by who will work hard on your behalf to get the funding you need as quickly as possible, and will always be on hand to answer questions, resolve issues and support your business.

    Why choose Secure Trust Bank Commercial Finance for your business?

    We know your business is unique, so we work rather differently from the traditional banks – because we think you deserve better.

    Our proposition has been developed with our customers in mind:

    • Our range of products – including invoice finance and our asset-based lending portfolio – means we can create a unique solution for you and your business.
    • We are a national business, but you will always have a local contact who can push through decisions fast – whether you are a new or existing client
    • We are proud of our reliability and exceptional client service
    • We can back existing and new management and investors to get you the flexible funding you need.
    • We will get to know your business and its needs so our team can support you, transparently and with total integrity.

    We have strong credentials from a successful year of performance in 2015:

    • More than £500m customer invoices funded
    • Customer invoices up 486% in the last year
    • Facilities agreed in excess of £60m
    • A top 20 UK provider of Asset Based Lending

    Situations we can fund:

    We can fund situations between £500,000 to £30 million including:

    • Service-led refinance
    • Funding to support growth
    • Private equity and venture capital acquisitions and investments
    • Restructure and turnaround
    • Management buyouts and buy-ins
    • Cash out and exits for investors or management team
    • Mergers and acquisitions

    IGF Commercial Finance

    At IGF we take pride in understanding your business.

    IGF is proud to be different from the traditional model of a commercial finance company. We are not the biggest, nor the loudest; and the way we work with our clients may surprise many.

    While embracing the benefits that modern technology can bring, we believe that when it really matters you want someone to talk to.
    IGF is unique. Why?

    Our people

    Our people are our business. IGF has low staff turnover: we employ industry professionals who understand our unique identity and culture, thrive with us and have longstanding careers.

    IGF’s management has unrivalled experience in running businesses and all of the challenges that entails. We understand because we have been there ourselves.

    Our culture

    IGF’s whole culture is based on personal service and a deep commitment to our clients.

    • IGF has the best ratio of client managers to clients in the industry; 1:45 compared to typically 1:100 of our competitors.
    • All of IGF’s senior management team have their direct phone numbers on the website.
    • Our client retention is better than any of our competitors. On the rare occasion that a client has left to look for pastures new they often return to us quickly. When a client doesn’t need IGF anymore, we see that as a job well done.

    Offering a quick and straightforward customer experience with a human touch.

    Our services

    • Asset Based Lending
    • Invoice Finance
    • Factoring
    • Single Invoice Finance
    • Connect
    • Direct Debit
    • Bad Debt Protection

    Positive Cashflow Finance

    Positive Cashflow Invoice finance company
    Established in 2007 and now wholly owned by four directors with a wealth of experience in the industry,

    Positive Cashflow Finance provides funding to businesses looking for facilities from £10,000 to £1million. We offer a hands on bespoke service to clients, particularly ideal for those using invoice finance facilities for the first time or who may be experiencing a difficult relationship with their incumbent lender.

    We offer a wide range of invoice finance facilities and underwrite all new business deals in house and pride ourselves on being able to provide swift funding decisions ensuring there are no last minute surprises.

    With offices in Manchester and Birmingham, the majority of our existing clients have historically been based in the North West & the Midlands. As our reputation has grown we have seen demand increase from businesses throughout the UK and are currently supporting around 200 businesses in a wide variety of sectors.


    Factoring, Confidential Invoice Discounting, Credit Control, Pre-Pack Administrations / CVA’s, MBO / MBI, Mergers and Acquisitions, Positive Plus (facility over-advance)

    Pulse Cashflow Finance

    Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business and ensuring that your firm has sufficient working capital to meet day to day demands can be challenging.

    Pulse Cashflow Finance are an experienced funding partner who work with businesses to provide working capital solutions to rectify the issues and help business grow.W

    Pulse can provide three solutions to help your business:

    • Improve your cash flow by providing you with up to 85% of the value of your unpaid invoices within 24 hours with the remaining 15% paid to you once your invoice payment has been received. Clients can access facilities of up to £2m ensuring that they have the funding they need to achieve their business plans.
    • Support your business by providing a comprehensive collections service ensuring that you get paid leaving you to get on with developing business not chasing up late payment.
    • Access to decision makers when you need them – as well as having your own dedicated account manager, who will be empowered to make decisions on your account you can also access the directors of the business should you need to ensuring you get fast answers to your questions.
    • Transparency – we don’t believe in surprises so we offer a simple single fee with no additional charges ensuring you stay in control

    Calverton Finance

    Calverton support businesses turning over between £250k and £5million across the UK with flexible cash flow solutions.

    Cashflow Finance:
    We provide instant funding against your outstanding sales invoices. We release up to 90% of the invoice value to you so you can pay suppliers, staff and any other business expenses, rather than waiting until your customer pays to access these funds.

    Credit Control:
    Our collection service provides you with a dedicated and experienced credit controller working for you and your business. This helps to give you peace of mind that your invoices are being collected on time and with the utmost professionalism.

     ad Debt Protection:
    We protect your business against bad debts and non-payment of invoices.

    Back office Support & Finance for Recruiters:
    This service enables your Recruitment Agency business to lean on us to take away all the hassle of daily administration.
    1) Payroll Processing
    2) We raise invoices on your behalf, using your own branding
    3) Credit Control
    4) Auto Enrolment
    5) Intermediaries Reporting
    6) Funding

    We help with:
    • New start businesses
    • Established businesses looking to grow
    • Business Restructures
    • Business Acquisitions and Management Buy Outs

    All our cash flow facilities can be set up quickly and for a short period. We are so confident in our service that we offer a 3 month trial period so you can be sure that we are the right partner for you and your business.

    Our Client retention is one of the best in the industry with over 98% of our Clients ‘Extremely Satisfied’ with our service and ‘would recommend us to other business owners’.

    We enjoy what we do and aim to give you the best service possible with our skilled, experienced client management team.

    Working Capital Partners

    Working Capital Partners

    Founded in 2010, Working Capital Partners offer a range of products that provides both affordable and flexible working capital facilities to smaller businesses.

    WCP pridethemselves on providing a fast, efficient but personal service and on making critical funding decisions quickly. These decisions and subsequent advice along with ongoing personal support are from a business expert who understands business needs rather than a computer.

    As a firm Working Capital Partners focus single-mindedly on understanding the SME market and have tailored new and innovative products to suit the needs of a variety of clients. Our clients come to us with a range of problems leading to cash flow difficulties. Whether it is a surprise new order, a supplier suddenly changing or withdrawing credit or even a problem with HMRC, a seasonal business creating short term cashflow issues, traditional funders not liking high concentration with one or two customers or the Bank advising it is unable to help; we have developed systems so that we can be responsive and proactive to provide the most suitable solution quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss and paperwork. With our quick response time, simple three step process and ability to make funding decisions in two hours, we can overcome these challenges.

    We have three key solutions:

    Selective Invoice Finance

    • All sectors considered, including construction and permanent recruitment

    • Business must be of Ltd status and have or be going to generating invoices to credit worthy debtors, B2B transactions only

    • Very simple/quick application process

    • Start- ups, Prepacks and MBO/MBI’s as well as established businesses are all eligible

    • Complete flexibility

    o No contract period
    o Client chooses which invoices they require funds against
    o Fixed flat fee rates
    o No monthly minimum fees, disbursement fees, re-factoring or termination fees

    • Flat rate charges often include Credit Insurance providing greater peace of mind

    • £5,000 to £500,000 invoices funded

    Export Overdraft – All the benefits of the above but designed to help SME exporters

    • Easy documentation

    • More flexible than letters of credit

    • Prompt funding as soon as goods shipped and proof of delivery obtained

    Purchase Order Funding – We offer a simple facility which will help to finance purchase orders.

    • Once a confirmed forward order for finished goods is obtained, an order is ready to be placed to a supplier however in most cases the supplier will not release the goods until they have received payment in full.

    • We simply purchase the goods on our clients behalf and have them delivered direct to their customer. They then install or commission the product and raise an invoice which we factor. The supplier gets paid when he delivers and your client gets an advance when they raise the invoice with the balance paid less fees when the invoice is eventually settled.

    • There is no long term commitment, no ongoing service or administration fees, the fees are agreed upfront and the contract will be fully credit insured.


    Team Factors are an independent funder who provide factoring and back-office solutions primarily to the SME market.

    Our core strength is our size; it enables us to provide fast and flexible solutions that suit our client’s needs rather than having them to conform to ours.

    Our business is very relationship driven with all prospects meeting and have access to board level staff throughout their lifecycle. We assist with funding of start-ups up to funding lines of GBP 750,000

    Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance

    Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance is the company you can trust for your cashflow finance needs. With over 25 years’ experience within this market we have helped over 700 small and medium sized businesses grow and fulfil their potential.

    Make the right decision and choose us for:

    1. Competitive rates –Our innovative product, Inspired Cashflow starts from as little as 0.45% of turnover

    2. No hidden fees –We are open and honest with our pricing and fee structure and never hide fees in the small print of a contract.

    3. Industry leading client service –Our in house experts are readily available to offer you support and provide leading credit control services to our client’s customers. We have won industry awards for our excellence in this field.

    4. Take our 6 month trial –Try Hitachi Capital and leave at any time during the trial period with no penalty fee incurred. Our rolling contract periods mean that we don’t tie businesses in for lengthy amounts of time.

    5. Simple Switching Process – For businesses already using Invoice Finance, we offer a simple switching process to make the transition as seamless and stress free as possible.

    6. Recommended – 99% of our clients would recommend our products and service to another business


    Amicus Commercial Finance (ACF) was established November 2015 by John Wilde and David Hogg. John and David previously set up SME Invoice Finance in January 2000, building client base to circa 600, managed by team of 85 nationally with £60m FIU before sale to Metro Bank in August 2013

    Amicus Commercial Finance is a subsidiary (55% owned) of Amicus Finance PLC (AFPLC), the CEO of which is John Jenkins, another widely respected and experienced industry senior figure whose previous experience includes heading GE Capital European Lending operations, leading LTSB Commercial Finance and a term as CEO for ABFA.AFPLC are registered under the FCA and have applied for a full banking license. 

    ACF primary administration offices in Guildford with further offices in Manchester, London City and West End and sales offices in Bournemouth and Reigate.

    Product offering:

    • Our primary offering is Confidential Invoice Discounting (no factoring facilities)

    • Amicus clients connect to a bespoke “Amicus Intelligent Cashflow” system creates what “feels like” a flexible overdraft to the client

    • “Amicus Advantage” provides structured cash flow term loan, up to a maximum combined exposure at 100% of eligible receivables which can be used to replace overdraft, purchase stock, restructure creditors etc.

    • Selective debtor insurance (modified recourse) is also available
    Target market:

    • ACF seek to engage typically with owner managed business with annual sales from £0.5 – £15m

    • Our underwriting approach is based on core lending fundamentals: character, capacity and collateral

    • We have no specific sector exclusions, but receivable purchased must provide satisfactory security value

    • Client contract length term is fully negotiable from 28 days – 36 months depending on specific client requirements – clients get to choose what suits them.

    • Partial ledger / single invoice funding available as part of an ongoing relationship (i.e. not transactional)

    • Our complete scale of charges is published and available to all prospects promoting clear transparency
    Key differentiators / benefits of ACF services:

    • Connected – seamless technology connects client accounting package to ACF system facilitating real time account updates improving funding availability, increasing efficiency and simplifying administration burden saving client time and money (no lengthy reconciliation process)

    • Access to bespoke hand held app. This is available on smart phone to provide instant (24/7) visibility to our clients’ account plus ability to request drawdown remotely

    • Confidential service – complete discretion meaning client retains complete control of customer relationships at all times

    • Menu driven – solutions tailored specifically to individual client requirements with complete flexibility around terms and structure (non – prescriptive approach)

    • Relationship focus – ongoing dedicated account manager and direct access to senior decision makers (owners) at ACF promoting additional comfort and confidence as well as fast decisions

    • Entrepreneurial approach – highly empathetic team. ACF management are experienced owner managers in their own right and completely understand the client journey and challenges faced

    • Amicus Advantage – providing additional fixed term cash flow loans in addition to core facility

    Interface Finance

    Invoice Finance Services for SMEs

    Does your business need immediate cash? Are you frustrated with the hassles of dealing with traditional banks and financial companies and their lengthy application paperwork and even longer approval cycles? Are you looking to avoid application fees, additional charges and long term commitments? If you haven’t been in business very long you’ve probably found out, you don’t fit their client profiles.

    IFG has a solution to your working capital requirements. We’ve been providing financial resources to clients like you for over 40 years. In fact, if you meet these following three requirements, you are ideally positioned to turn your invoices into cash in as little as 24 hours with IFG’s invoice finance services.

    • Are your customers other businesses?

    • Are you invoicing more than one customer?

    • Will immediate access to working capital help your business grow?

    Selective invoice finance services from The Interface Financial Group can be a beneficial tool for business owners in time of financial need. Obtaining loans from banks and other traditional financial institutions can be an arduous process. That’s where IFG’s services come in. IFG’s single invoice finance service is unique, simpler and superior to standard invoice finance services provided by traditional old line financial companies. Select invoice finance service is not a loan – it is the purchase of a single or selected group of invoices. With IFG invoice finance, there are no minimums, no maximums, no long-term commitments and no lengthy application process.


    The construction industry is one of several sectors that can benefit tremendously from invoice factoring. No longer is the sub-contractor, or construction company, required to wait for payment before starting on the next phase of a project, or begin construction on a new project. With invoice factoring, the sub-contractor or construction firm can realise quick turnaround (often within 24 hours) on accounts receivable due for completed stages of a construction project.

    That’s right, with construction invoice factoring, the construction company, or sub-contractor, can be paid virtually overnight for these invoices (or certified applications for payment) the company’s ability to start immediately on the next phase of construction.

    The Interface Financial Group is one of the few factoring companies that is willing to provide construction factoring. In fact, IFG welcomes construction invoice factoring and would love to discuss with you just how easy it is to get the cash you need without any lengthy and aggravating lending process.

    So, if you or your construction firm, are interested in, or are in need of, short-term financing against completed construction jobs, or desire immediate payment for completed project stages, give us a call. That’s right, immediate working capital is available now.

    With more than 150 locations and over 40 years of experience, IFG serves clients in more than 30 industries in the UK, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico and Singapore. IFG also offers cross-border transactions. Make invoice factoring part of your business growth strategy today.

    Nucleus Commercial Finance

    Nucleus Commercial Finance was founded to provide UK SMEs with alternative funding options. No bureaucracy, no rigidity: we support growing companies with the finance they need to flourish.

    We’re an alternative business funding specialist that offers the same credit facilities as a bank with all the flexibility of a Peer to Peer provider. Whether you need working capital, a bridging loan or finance for new business equipment, we have the financial expertise to structure alternative business funding that will help ensure your future success. Take a look at our products for further information, or contact a member of our team today to get an offer in principle.

    Our specialists have substantial banking and investment experience. As such, we understand how to structure long-term funding that helps your business grow.

    We’re also committed to providing the best financial advice. If your preference is for us to remain hands-off, we’ll stay at arm’s reach – but if you need more guidance, you’ll have a team of experienced, educated specialists at your disposal.

    Our loan applications are managed in four stages: principle offer, valuation, formal offer and pay out. All checks and assessments are conducted in strictest confidence and we work closely with you to ensure there is zero disruption to your business.

    Why Nucleus Commercial Finance?

    At Nucleus, we provide factoring and invoice discounting UK wide – and with more flexibility than a typical lender can offer.

    We endeavour to accommodate conventional and unconventional funding requirements alike, and will adapt to changing circumstances (such as company growth) wherever possible. Our in-house financial expertise allows us to offer a superior level of support and flexibility to that found in conventional bank finance.

    We offer several advantages over a standard lending service. The restrictions that apply to bank-funded invoice finance solutions are eased, and in some cases eliminated entirely. We won’t reject you for pedantic reasons, and we’ve designed our services to grow with your company’s requirements. If it’s possible to deliver the funding you need, we will.

    We believe that the financial facilities we provide should not stifle businesses, but enable them. Our service is available in combination with products such as asset funding, business overdraft facilities, and property-backed secured business loans, allowing you to benefit from a bespoke funding package that suits your precise, long-term operational requirements.

    Case Studies

    What Our clients say:

    “Everyone at SES is sure of a bright, profitable future. We’re glad to have approached Chirag and his team.” South Essex Stockholders

    “Nucleus has been fantastic to work with: the team is very flexible and proactive, and takes the time to fully understand our business needs – ultimately Nucleus ensures we get paid on time.” Founder Darrell Healey GSE Group

    “I couldn’t believe it when Nucleus said they could do it in 7 days! Their competitive pricing and level and speed of service beats our bank hands down.” Raymond Trew Senior Chairman Go Pay Care Ltd

    Finally, our asset finance, invoice finance, property finance, and overdraft products will be offered with unwavering transparency. No hidden charges, no ballooning costs: you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying at all times. The new Nucleus Commercial Finance is able to help more of them than ever before – we look forward to working with you soon!


    Get your invoices paid faster

    At Investly we pride ourselves in the simplicity of our product. We’ve created a product designed for the modern day business owner. To start with you only need to wrap your head around one simple fee. We charge between 1.5%-3.1% of the invoice value. That’s it. No other fees of any sort whatsoever! This rate is among the cheapest on the market.

    Another way we like to keep it simple? We advance 100% of the invoice value minus our fee, no questions asked.

    We’ve designed our platform to be as user friendly as possible and the signup process is as easy as 123, not to mention it’s free. Once sign-up is complete, upload an invoice and get paid in less than 2 days.

    It’s easy to get started:

    1. Go to and fill out your company information
    2. Upload bank statements
    3. Review and accept the offer with your credit limit
    4. Upload your invoices