Tony smith

Antony Smith

Co-Founder of Business Expert | Business Development & Operations

Co-Founder of Business Expert, Antony is an expert in business development. He has been helping Business Expert’s users navigate the challenges of business operations and development for the last ten years.

Antony is also a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years’ of experience at the helm of multiple firms, and helping SMEs maintain higher standards of money management. He has worked in and alongside some of the UK’s top companies and has led large teams of staff in multiple roles including sales, management, business communications, business operations and development.

In 2009, Antony co-founded a company in the insolvency sector. After several years, the company gained a lot of interest and was partnered with some of the UK’s top insolvency firms. They then partnered with one firm more closely and grew the company to the point where they were responsible for 80% of their partner’s turnover, placing them consistently in the top 3% of insolvency firms in the UK.

Antony has always been driven by helping other entrepreneurs and people in general on their journey in life. For this reason, in 2014 Antony co-founded his second business, Business Expert. Business Expert is an online platform that includes a wealth of business-related information to help other entrepreneurs and business owners make better decisions with their money.

Over the years, Antony has gleaned a great deal of expertise across the financial sectors within the UK, and has become very knowledgeable on what it takes to make and grow a successful business. His primary focuses are strategic business development, money management, growth, sales and marketing, and adapting to industry behaviour within several financial sectors.

Antony also has extensive experience in trading the global markets and has traded instruments in FOREX, Indices and Commodities weekly since 2015. He enjoys studying the charts, creating and executing strategies for both technical analysis and money management, and has gained a great deal of knowledge in these areas over the years. He has learned from and traded with some of the world’s top currency, stock, commodity and index traders and has been fortunate enough to have one-on-one daily mentorships over many months with some of the most consistently profitable traders out there.