Used in 64,000 business locations and 74 countries, Epos Now offers specialised software and hardware bundles for retail and hospitality businesses that want to accept both in-person and online payments. They’re currently the fastest-growing POS solution in the UK SMB market.

However, with so many POS and payment processing options available, how do you know Epos Now is the right choice for you?

In this review, I will examine Epos Now in-depth, looking at its strengths and weaknesses and offering my verdict. 

Epos Now: My Verdict

Epos Now is an excellent POS and payment processor for retail and hospitality businesses with a lot to recommend it. Their solutions offer a massive amount of functionality to help anyone from a burgeoning startup right to a multi-chain store or restaurant.

I particularly like their user-friendly interface and thoughtful, industry-specific features. Epos Now is highly customisable, giving you greater control over your POS and making it ideal for companies who need to scale their package as they grow. 

However, there were some drawbacks. Expect a contract length of 2-3 years as standard. Also, quite a lot of their additional functionality comes with extra charges, meaning that the overall cost can ramp up. You will also be contractually obliged to use their payment processing – which is fairly standard in the payments field.

Pros & Cons of Epos Now POS


  1. User-Friendly: Epos Now’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes it accessible for businesses of various sizes.
  2. Designed for Retail & Hospitality: Epos Now’s systems have industry-specific features to make their solutions practical and helpful. 
  3. Comprehensive Features: Depending on your plan, you may have access to inventory management, loyalty programme creation, real-time reporting and more.
  4. Customisable: Epos Now allows users to tailor their system to suit their business needs, adapting to different industries and workflows.
  5. Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly connect popular 3rd-party apps and services, including Xero, Quickbooks, Shopify and WooCommerce.
  6. Multi-Channel Functionality: Epos Now supports brick-and-mortar stores and online platforms.
  7. Scalability: Epos Now can cater to growing businesses by offering solutions and services for both small enterprises and larger, expanding operations.
  8. Access Any Time: Being cloud-based, Epos Now allows users to access their data and manage their business anywhere with an internet connection.


  1. Internet & Server Dependency: Being cloud-based, Epos Now relies on a stable internet connection. In case of internet outages, businesses might experience disruptions in their operations.
  2. Limited Suitability: Epos Now is specifically designed for retail and hospitality businesses, which may make its service unsuitable for other types of business.
  3. Contract Length: Contracts range from 2 to 3 years, which could be longer than other providers. 
  4. 3rd-Party Integration Costs: While Epos Now can be seamlessly connected to other software, this may come with additional costs.
  5. Complexity: While Epos Now offers many helpful features, its systems may not be suitable for businesses looking for simple solutions. 
  6. Hardware Compatibility: While Epos Now can be used with various hardware options, businesses already invested in specific hardware may face challenges integrating them.

Epos Now Features Overview

EPOS offers a range of products, including POS systems and card readers.

The table below highlights some of the main features of each product.

FeatureEpos Now RetailEpos Now Hospitality
Payment ProcessingChip and pin, contactless, digital wallets, payments and remote payments by linkChip and pin, contactless, digital wallets, payments and remote payments by link
Inventory ManagementBarcode system, real-time stock counts, automatic sync across locationsAdvanced stock control, recipe storage
Integration and AppsOver 100 integrations and apps, including Xero, Quickbooks, Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerceOver 100 integrations and apps, including Deliveroo
Customer InsightsReal-time data, accurate forecasting, customer profiles, loyalty programsBoosts sales and table turnover, loyalty programs
Support and Onboarding24/7 support, onboarding, installation, training24/7 support, onboarding, installation, training
System ComponentsHardware and software bundle or software-only packagesHardware and software bundle or software-only packages
CompatibilityiPad and Android systemsiPad and Android systems

Epos Now Retail (Detailed Review)

The Epos Now Retail system is a comprehensive solution that streamlines shop setup, staff management, inventory and sales whilst offering a user-friendly experience. 

Epos Now Payments offers complete payment flexibility with a blended processing rate for all card types, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apply Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Accept chip and pin, contactless, digital wallets, online payments and remote payments by link. International businesses will be able to process payments in any currency except crypto. 

The system ensures quick, easy, and secure checkouts, simplifying the payment process for both businesses and customers.

The barcode management system allows you to effortlessly import, update, and manage thousands of products, supporting various sales channels such as eCommerce and delivery.  

You’ll also be able to tailor your experience by using over 100 integrations and apps, including Xero, Quickbooks, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

Features such as real-time stock counts save hours of manual work, and automatic updates that sync online and multiple store locations help you take control of your inventory. In fact, Epos Now claims that the system can save you up to 10 hours of admin each month. 

Using cloud-based technology lets you see real-time data and accurate forecasting whenever you want. Improve customer relationships by receiving insights into customer profiles, creating loyalty programs, or even sending abandoned cart notifications. There’s also an offline mode to minimise downtime. 

Epos Now offers 24/7, round-the-clock support, one-on-one onboarding, installation, configuration, and unlimited training and coaching. This ensures that businesses using Epos Now never feel alone in their journey, receiving the assistance they need whenever required.

The Complete Solution includes a till, secure all-metal cash drawer, printer, payment terminal and software in one convenient bundle. Featuring a Duo Countertop POS terminal with a 15.6 inch full HD capacitive touchscreen, 10.1 inches HD capacitive customer touchscreen and built-in thermal receipt printer, you will have everything you need for your store. 

You can expand your package to include caller ID, wireless scanners, and staff swipe cards for a more comprehensive package. Businesses with more straightforward needs can opt for the Android tablet or Apple iPad bundles or use their existing hardware with a software-only solution. 

Epos Now Hospitality (Detailed Review)

Similar to the Epos Now Hospitality system, the Hospitality includes everything you need to manage your business efficiently. 

Designed specifically for hospitality businesses, Epos Now synchronises the front and back of your establishment to boost sales and table turnover. 

Features vary depending on the type of business but could include:

  • Customisable table plans
  • Synchronisation with food delivery apps such as Deliveroo
  • Online ordering, delivery and pay-at-table services.
  • Advanced stock control
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Recipe storage for easy drink preparation
  • Room availability for convenient booking

You can choose from a variety of packages depending on the nature of your business, including:

  • Complete EPOS systems bundles featuring a till, cash drawer, printer, payment terminal and software
  • Android tablet POS system bundle featuring an Android tablet,  tablet stand, receipt printer, card machine and software
  • iPad POS system featuring an iPad, tablet stand, receipt printer, card machine and software
  • Software-only option if you have existing, compatible hardware. 

You’ll also have the option to add extra hardware, such as a kitchen display system, barcode scanner, card machine and printers. 

Epos Now Card Readers

Epos Now offers three different card readers to suit businesses of all sizes. 

FeatureEpos Now Pro+Epos Now AirEpos Link
Payment MethodsContactless, chip and pin, remote paymentsContactless, chip and pin, remote paymentsChip and pin, contactless, remote payments
Technical SpecificationsAndroid 9.0, 16GB flash, 2GB RAM, 5.5″ touch displayAndroid 10, 16GB flash, 2GB RAM, 4″ touch displayLinux-based V/OS, 1024MB memory, 3.5″ touch display
Connectivity5 GHz and 2.4 GHz WiFi, 4G/3G, Bluetooth 4.1WiFi connectivity for on-the-go transactionsEthernet, 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi
Power SupplyRechargeable battery (5840mAh)Mains powered, no batteryMains powered, no battery
Environmental ConsiderationsOperating temperature: 0°C to 50°COperating temperature: 32°F to 122°FOperating temperature: 32°F to 122°F

Epos Now Pro+ Card Reader

The Epos Now Pro+ Card Reader is a powerful, portable card machine integrated with EPOS software, providing a comprehensive business solution. With a compact design and a responsive 3.5-inch touchscreen, the Pro+ facilitates efficient and user-friendly transactions on the go.

From sending orders directly to the kitchen to managing tables and adjusting product offerings in real time, the Pro+ offers a range of tools to enhance business efficiency. Moreover, the device automatically collects sales data, generating insightful business reports directly on the device to understand overall business health better.

Epos Now Air Card Reader

The Epos Now Air Card Reader is a lightweight payment solution that empowers businesses flexibly and efficiently. With the ability to take payments on the go, this device is designed to meet the needs of both new and seasoned entrepreneurs, providing a single, comprehensive solution for customer interactions and business management.

Key features include monitoring transaction fees, updating, splitting, paying off tabs and tables in real-time, and taking payments wherever customers are. Additionally, the device offers detailed reports through integrated reporting, providing better business insights and facilitating informed decision-making.

The Epos Link Card Reader is a reliable and efficient payment solution that offers businesses a streamlined checkout experience. Users can expect fast and efficient checkouts, contributing to seamless customer interaction.

The Link card terminal offers integrated payments that enable businesses to access comprehensive reports through the Back Office. This integration allows for viewing customer data, sales reports, and reconciliation reports, providing valuable insights into business operations.

Epos Now Fees & Charges

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Due to the highly customisable nature of Epos Now, prices vary depending on your business needs. However, the below fees give you an indication of what to expect:

PackageComplete SolutionSoftware Only 
Initial Cost£325N/A
Monthly CostFrom £59 £25 + VAT

Additional hardware can be supplied for the following price:

HardwarePrice Range
PrintersFrom £129.999
Card MachinesFrom £19 per month
Kitchen Display SystemFrom £15 per month
Barcode ScannersFrom £39 per month
Staff Swipe CardsFrom £39
Avery Berkel ScalesFrom £610
Pro Till Roll£29.98
Pro Cash Drawer£58.80
Pro Magnetic Swipe Card Reader£46.80
Pro Customer Display Pole£107.99
Barcode Labels£29.98
Caller ID£120

The transaction fee is a blended rate, ranging between 1.4% to 2.1%. There are no additional fees for chargebacks or payouts. 

If you want to end your contract early, you must pay the remaining balance from the cancellation date. 

What’s the Epos Now Eligibility Criteria?

All businesses, including those deemed ‘high risk’, can sign up for an Epos Now till system.

Charities and CBD shops can open an Epos Payments account.

  1. Is there an eligibility criteria? Is there an ineligibility criteria? – sole trader or limited. No credit check unless they’re accepting online payments

Ineligible Businesses

Businesses deemed ‘high risk’ cannot sign up for an Epos Now Payments account. 

How To Open an Epos Now Account

To sign up for an Epos Now Account:

  1. Contact the Epos Now sales team by calling 0808 503 4337 or visiting the Epos website and completing the contact form.
  2. The consultant will help you to create a package tailored to your needs and provide a quote.
  3. If you’d like to test the software before committing to a contract, you can open a free 30-day trial account. This doesn’t include access to Epos Now Payments.
  4. You will be sent an agreement to sign when you’re ready to sign up. 
  5. A credit check and ID verification will be carried out if your package includes access to Epos Now Payments.
  6. Once your account has been opened, hardware will be delivered, and you can arrange your onboarding.

The onboarding process should take 30 to 45 days, and there is no cooling-off period. 

What’s the Epos Now User Experience Like?

You can conveniently manage your Epos Now account by accessing your Back Office using mobile or desktop devices.  

The Epos Now account management features a customisable dashboard that consolidates important data from individual reports for easy viewing and access.

The Sales Overview section presents three key metrics, indicating performance for the selected period with a corresponding trend comparison. A graph displays sales information, and users can customise the view by removing or reinstating specific data lines. The graph can be refreshed to show sales up to the last 5 minutes, excluding refunds for a focused comparison.

The Top Product Sales By Quantity table highlights the top 10 selling products for the day, ordered by quantity sold, compared to the previous week. The ‘Jump to’ menu links popular Back Office pages, while Support Centre links offer access to helpful guides and tips for user assistance. 

What are Epos Now’s Integrations?

Epos Now has an extensive app store that seamlessly integrates your POS system with 3rd Party software.

Some of the integrations available include:

  • Management and operations software, including, APO and Deputy
  • Order and delivery software, including Deliveroo, Mr Yum and Hopt
  • Appointments and booking software, including Appointedd and simpleERB
  • Payments and finance software, including Worldpay, Connect by Paymentsense and takepayments.
  • Loyalty and marketing software, including Mailchimp, LoyaltyDog and Google Business Profile.
  • Accounting and tax software including Quickbooks, Sage Business Cloud and Xero.
  • eCommerce software including Shopify, Big Commerce and WooCommerce.
  • Property management software, including RoomRaccoon. 

Epos Now Customer Support

There are several ways you can contact the Epos Now customer support team, including:

  • Calling the 24/7 global helpline on 0800 294 5945
  • Reading the Knowledge Base on the online Support Centre for help setting up your system and fixing issues.
  • Live web chat between 9 am and 6 pm
  • Connect with other customers, developers and designers on the Epos Now Community
  • Raise a support ticket by logging into your Back Office.

How Good are the Epos Now Customer Reviews?

Epos Now has an “excellent TrustScore of 4.5 out of 5  on Trustpilot, with 83% of users giving it a 5-star rating.

Customers have praised the Epos Now POS system’s functionality and “friendly” customer service. They highlight efficient issue resolution, detailed explanations, and patience. Users commented on the willingness to go “above and beyond” to address queries, describing their experience as “dedicated”, “professional”, and “outstanding”.

The positive feedback extends to the Epos Now community, where users can connect with other business owners. The platform is praised for its excellent 1-on-1 service, ease of use, and helpful aftercare and training.

However, some highlighted challenges, noting ongoing troubles since the system installation and software functionality and difficulties integrating with 3rd-party apps.  Technical problems, including disconnection during initial training calls and difficulty in reconnecting, were reported. They described their experience as “troublesome”, “confusing” and “complicated”.

What’s the Epos Now Mobile App Like?

The Epos Now POS Till app has an average rating of 2.8 out of 5 on the Apple App Store and 2.6 on the Google Play Store.

Many users comment on technical glitches, usability concerns, and challenges with customer service, expressing dissatisfaction with post-sale service and frustration with the need for excessive personal information access. 

The Epos Now My Business app has an average rating of 3.7 on the Apple App Store and no reviews on the Google Play Store.

Users appreciate the quick and easy registration process of the business account, highlighting the advantage of being able to start accepting card payments and receiving payouts before their traditional bank account was opened, which took weeks. 

Despite the basic features currently offered, there is a positive consideration of transitioning to this account as the primary business account in the future. The transparency in notifying users about card payouts improves cash flow management and reduces stress related to business finances. 

Alternatives to Epos Now

Price FeaturesHardwareContract
ePOS NowSoftware-only packages from £25 per month + VATInventory management, e-commerce, staff management, customer management, marketing and reportingBuy outright or rent monthly starting at £192 to 3 years, depending on the package
LightspeedFrom £59 per monthInventory management, e-commerce, offline mode, customer management, reportingRequires an iPad12 months
TakepaymentsInitial set up of £250
From £55 per month
Inventory management, e-commerce, customer management, staff management, cash management, reporting, offline modeIncluded counter-top system and portable card machineMinimum of 12 months
CloverPrice on requestReporting, customer management, staff management, inventory management, e-commerce, marketing Depends on package36-48 months
Shopify£5 – £344 per monthStaff management, inventory management, customer management, reporting, e-commerce, marketingRequires smartphone or tablet
Hardware from £49
Monthly or 12-month plans
Square£0Dispute management, checkout customisation, reporting, inventory management, customer management, marketingFrom £19+ VATNo contract

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