Founded in 2015, Total Processing is a Manchester-based Fintech recently voted one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK by the Times. They are an ISO facilitating payment solutions for companies in high-risk sectors or who need specialist functionality. 

In this review, I will look at the advantages and disadvantages of Total Processing based on a detailed analysis of their offering across multiple business vectors.

Total Processing Review

Total Processing: My Verdict

Total Processing is the UK’s most specialist and experienced high-risk payment processor, with a wealth of experience in the sector.

They aren’t ideally suitable for a small, low-risk startup or a business for whom Stripe would suffice. But if you’re been refused by Stripe or Shopify Payments or run into difficulties with sector, jurisdiction or chargebacks, Total Processing can help you find a really customised solution.

They can handle almost any high-risk niche with a huge breadth of international payment options, complex API integrations, and a facility with international banking. They can also add a lot of value when it comes to streamlining your customer journey to improve conversion.

They’re not just for high-risk sectors either, but anyone with a sufficient volume or specific transactional requirement to require an attentive team with a focus on bespoke payment solutions.

Their current clients include Total Jobs,, Tool Station and Travis Perkins.

Total Processing Pros & Cons


  1. Customisation: Total Processing offers bespoke solutions, so you will only pay for the features you need. You’ll also be able to customise your processes to include your branding. 
  2. Versatility: Total Processing has the right solution to meet your needs from SME to Enterprise Multinational. Low-risk through to higher-risk business types such as Gambling, Pharmaceuticals, CBD, Vape, Supplements, Drop-Shipping, Competitions, Dating and Adult.
  3. Wide Range of Payment Options: Total Processing supports over 198 payment methods, including all major Credit/Debit cards, Digital Wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, plus localised / alternative payment methods such as WeChat, AliPay and iDEAL.
  4. Quick and Efficient Transactions: Enjoy fast transaction processing and next-day settlements for payments made through card readers
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Total Processing’s intuitive platform makes managing and monitoring payments easier. 
  6. Ongoing Customer Service: Total Processing offers responsive technical support via e-mail.
  7. Comprehensive Security: Total Processing prioritises security measures, ensuring the safety of transactions and sensitive customer data through PCI DISS compliance and over 120 advanced fraud tools.
  8. Reliable Reporting: Total Processing offers comprehensive analytics tools, enabling businesses to gain insights into their financial transactions.
  9. Innovative Technologies: Total Processing uses the latest innovations, including machine learning, to help you streamline your payment processes.


  1. Not suited to small start-ups: Total Processing doesn’t tailor its payment solution to small retail merchants (sub £500K) due to its specialist sector focuses.
  2. Not suited to small POS retailers: Total Processing is primarily a digital / online payment services provider and therefore not best suited to Point of Sale requirements of small retailers needing card machines.
  3. Limited Cash Handling Options: For businesses dealing with a significant number of cash transactions, total processing may not be as suitable as other providers.
  4. Customer Support Limitations: Although customers can contact the sales and general support team by telephone, technical support can only be reached by e-mail initially, which may be less responsive.
  5. No Mobile App: Total Processing uses a user-friendly online platform, but there’s no dedicated mobile app as yet for the reporting. However, the website is mobile friendly and has tested well for reporting and transacting.
  6. Risk of Downtime: Total Processing is an online platform, so you may experience occasional downtime or system maintenance periods, impacting the ability to process transactions temporarily.
  7. No Marketing Tools: Total Processing focuses on payment solutions, and there are no additional marketing features, such as e-mail marketing integration, which may be an issue if you want an all-in-one solution. 

Total Processing Account Features

Payment GatewaysTotal Processing on ACI, Cybersource, Cardinity (Nomupay)
AcquirersTrust Payment, Cashflows, Paysafe, Paynt, Fiserv, Elavon, Nuvei, Truevo, Nomupay, Network International, BS Payone, Merchant X, ECP via Processing Partners, Planet Payments, WorldPay, AIB, Global Payments, Barclaycard
Platforms SupportedWooCommerce, Magento v2, Shopify, AeroCommerce, Prestashop, OpenCart, Dreamlake, CreditHound/Spindle, Zoho CRM, Hubsolv/Aryza, BigCommerce, SevenRooms, TAS Solutions, Invevo, HotelTime

Feature CategorySpecific Features
Payment PlatformSupports custom recurring billing
Payment FlexibilityMultiple card registration, rebilling, payment breaks, schedule flexibility
Billing ToolsSmart billing, payment analytics, revenue reporting
Security & ComplianceNetwork tokenization, 3D Secure 2.0
Payment MethodsOver 198 APMs (Alternative Payment Methods)
Additional ToolsOptimum payment tool, Pay by Link, Account Updater, Smart Rebilling Tool
Reporting & AnalyticsRevenue timeframe, approval rates, schedule forecaster, transaction analysis
Chargeback ManagementIn-built chargeback management and reporting system

Online Payments

Streamline global online payments on any device by offering customers flexible payment options through Total Processing. You’ll also be able to reduce cart abandonment and improve authorisation rates through Smart Checkout solutions.

Real-time card validation helps ensure accuracy and minimise declines while customising language, currency, and payment methods allows you to localise your business. 

Your account is seamlessly managed through the integrated software, and you can connect it to a wide range of e-commerce platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce. You’ll also be able to access Total Processing’s global acquiring network to help you find an acquirer suited to your needs. 

Total Processing helps simplify payments by providing secure pay-by links, allowing customers to pay conveniently on any device. Customise links with branding and preferred currency for enhanced trust.

Total Processing’s system accepts over 198 payment options, and links can be sent globally via SMS, email, chatbots, or social media, ensuring convenience and security. You can use payment links without a website and even turn your link into a QR code.

Payment Gateways

Total Processing offers a reliable payment gateway tailored to your website, with both standard and high-risk options available. 

The payment gateway offers flexibility with acquiring bank options, ensuring a cost-effective and secure local payment solution with an impressive 99.99% payment processing uptime.

Suitable for multi-channel integration, it allows you to seamlessly implement one platform across various platforms. 

Recurring Billing

Offer flexible recurring payments to your customers for greater convenience and control over payments. The versatile platform allows you to create payment schedules, track transactions, and automate billing for real-time updates to minimise missed payments.

Total Processing is suitable for various business models, including lifetime memberships, global transactions and subscription services. 

You can effortlessly integrate recurring payments with leading platforms such as WordPress, Shopify and WooCommerce and manage subscriptions efficiently with enhanced reporting, dynamic search, and comprehensive account tools.

Virtual Terminal

Total Processing’s virtual terminal services allow you to take secure card payments on any device, offering customers flexibility.

You’ll be able to access a variety of payment methods, including one-time and recurring payments. Grow your business and reduce your costs by using phone payment features such as

  • An IVR service with a 100 call-per-minute capacity, 
  • SMS payment request reports, 
  • HLR screening to remove inactive phone numbers
  • Dedicated phone number with a user-friendly caller flow. 

After processing payments, you’ll automatically receive confirmation, and a digital receipt will be issued to your customer’s e-mail address. 

Total Processing Eligibility

To qualify, a business should have a minimum annual turnover of £500,000, whether it’s a startup or an existing company. Additionally, the registered entity must be in the UK, EU, or UAE. It’s worth noting that they are working on expanding eligibility to include more regions in the future.

They support a broad range of sectors, from low-risk to high-risk. The attached document provides a detailed list of supported sectors for reference. If there is uncertainty about whether a business qualifies, it’s advisable to share the details with them for pre-assessment before proceeding with onboarding. Keep in mind that certain sectors such as crypto, adult content, drop-shipping, money remittance, gaming, and gambling generally require at least six months of processing history.

Their pricing is always customized based on factors such as the sector in which the business operates, its risk profile, and transaction volume. They aim to provide tailored pricing that aligns with the specific needs of each business.”

Total Processing Application Process

To open a Total Processing account online

  1. Visit the Total Processing website and click “Get Quote”.
  2. Complete the application form, providing information about your current payment situation and business and personal details
  3. A Total Processing sales team member will contact you to create the bespoke payments solution.
  4. You’ll get access to a test account to see how the platform works.
  5. When you’re happy to proceed, let the Sales Team know to begin your contract. 

Alternatively, you can contact the Total Processing sales team by

  • E-mailing
  • Calling 0330 041 4762
  • Complete the contact form on the Total Processing website
  • Start a live chat on the Total Processing website

Total Processing User Experience

Your Total Processing account is managed through an online platform called Total Control, which offers a range of customisable features for enhanced efficiency. 

You’ll be able to see detailed reporting and insights, which help with daily decision-making. Dynamic search tools further streamline the process, allowing for efficient filtering and refining of transactions.

The platform supports businesses in managing flexible payment schedules and accommodating one-off and recurring payments. It also enhances revenue streams through intelligent billing methods to optimise payment collection and recovery timing.

Total Control simplifies transaction management with quick reversal options and seamless refund processes. The Total Defender feature provides efficient protection against chargebacks with just two clicks. Additionally, businesses can send and track payment requests seamlessly.

Total Processing Integrations & Compatibility

Total Processing offers a seamless integration experience with a single connection. This integration opens up a flexible network encompassing acquiring banks, various payment methods, and easy-to-install payment plug-ins, enabling secure and hassle-free payment acceptance.

Some integration options include popular third-party e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.

Total Processing also offers custom integration through server-to-server API, COPYPAY and  SDK in various coding languages.

Total Processing Security Measures

Total Processing offers a comprehensive Fraud & Risk Management suite designed to combat fraud and mitigate high-risk scenarios, ensuring a secure and seamless checkout experience for your customers globally.

In addition, Total Defender, the dedicated risk suite, is designed to take efficient and effective action against chargebacks, offering an all-encompassing approach to fraud prevention.

Some of the measures used by Total Processing include

  • Customisable settings backed by over 120 real-time fraud tools to reduce friction and losses during payment processes. 
  • Intelligent analytics to detect malicious transactions and reduce false positives during the checkout process. 
  • Strong 3D Secure 2.0 customer authentication measures ensure industry compliance without introducing friction into the customer journey.
  • Card verification checks and transaction management allow lists to safeguard against fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.
  • Real-time alerts for chargeback disputes
  • In-depth risk analysis reports
  • Direct communication with chargeback issuers ensures that your response to fraud is effective and aligned with your business goals.

The scalability of this solution allows you to expand across diverse markets while maintaining real-time transaction screenings and an efficient risk prevention strategy.

Total Processing Customer Support

Total Processing provides ongoing customer support to fix any issues or answer queries.

You can contact the dedicated support team by e-mailing or calling +44 (0)330 122 6418

If you have questions about your Total Processing payment plan, you can contact the sales department by

  • E-mailing
  • Calling 0330 041 4762
  • Starting a live chat on the Total Processing website
  • Completing the contact form on the Total Processing website. 

Total Processing Customer Reviews

Total Processing has earned an ‘excellent’ TrustScore of 4.9 out of 5 from 227 reviews, 97% of which are 5-star ratings.

Customers highlight the system’s ease of use and efficiency, praising the excellent staff and their responsiveness. The dedicated support ensures that any queries are quickly addressed. Users appreciate the support in onboarding and navigating complex processes, such as integrating with third-party checkouts or updating platform integrations like Shopify.

Customers also praised Total Processing for its commitment to making the onboarding process quick and straightforward, emphasising the reliability and efficiency of its payment processing solutions. 

However, several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Total Processing services, raising concerns about the company’s transparency and customer support. One review highlights issues related to additional charges imposed on a business, whilst others mention poor responsiveness, withholding of funds and bureaucratic processes. 

Despite these reviews, Total Processing stands out for its dedication to customer satisfaction, efficient onboarding processes, and reliable support from knowledgeable professionals. 


Alternatives to Total Processing

Payment ProviderOnline Payment TypeUpfront CostMonthly FeeUK Transaction FeeInternational Transaction Fee
StripeCard, Installment, Apple Pay, Google Pay£0£01.5% – 1.9% + 20p2.5% – 3.25% + 20p + 2% (if currency conversion is required)
GoCardlessDirect Debit£0£01% – 1.7% + 20p + VAT2% – 2.4% + 20p + VAT
AdyenCard, Installment, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.£0£0£0.11 + payment method fee£0.11 + payment method fee
PayPalCard, Installment£0£01.2% – 2.9% + 30p2.49% – 4.89% + fixed fee