Business Expert has teamed up with Tide to offer a company formations service to get your new company on its feet.

✔ Your £12 Incorporation Charge is Covered

✔ Complete your Application in just a Few Minutes

✔ Get Your Incorporation Certificate in a Few Hours

✔ SPECIAL OFFER – Enjoy Tide Accounting software at no cost for half a year.

How to Create Your Business in Only 4 Steps

1 – Check if Your Company Name is Available

2 – Enter Your Details

3 – Get Your Registration Certificate

4 – Open a Free Business Bank Account With Tide

What You’ll Get By Trusting BusinessExpert and Tide

Two for One

Tide sets up your company and initiates your business account in four simple steps.


Tide will cover your company registration cost, and you won’t pay any monthly fees.


Your business account is typically opened within minutes, and your company is usually registered on the same day.


Tide is an authorised formation agent with Companies House and has a secure integration.

How to Get Started?

It’s time to bring your idea to life. Through a single seamless process, you can establish your UK limited company and initiate a business bank account. Even better, Tide will cover the registration fees with Companies House, meaning you won’t spend a dime. Here’s what’s required to set up your company:

Company name

With Tide’s Name Checker, you can simultaneously check the availability of up to 8 business names.

Office Address

This will be the location where formal communications, such as letters from Companies House, are dispatched.

Director and Shareholder’s Info

You will require the director’s name, nationality, date of birth, occupation, and address. If there are multiple directors or shareholders

Why Use Tide?

Trusted by 500.000 Businesses

From advisers to bakers, programmers to tailors, Tide’s mission is to empower small businesses, allowing business owners more time to pursue their passion and expand their ventures.

Centralised Business Account

Generate and settle invoices, lock your card, manage your funds across various accounts, and categorize transactions with custom labels – it’s all-encompassed within.

Member Rewards

As a member of Tide, you’ll benefit from special discounts and rewards from companies that share their goal: to safe both time and money for business owners.

Accountants Companion

Integrate with your accounting software or provide your accountant with read-only access to simplify your bookkeeping.

A Bank You Can Trust

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