Easy access business savings accounts offer the flexibility to deposit and withdraw funds without penalties, making them ideal for businesses looking for liquidity alongside earning interest.

In this article, I’ll give my choices for the top easy access business accounts currently available, highlighting key factors such as interest rates, fees, and additional features that can benefit your business. Whether you’re a small startup or a growing enterprise, understanding these aspects will help you select an account that best fits your financial needs and goals.

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Compare Easy Access Business Savings Accounts

Business Easy Access Savings

Tide Instant Acess Savings Account

  • Interest Rate: 4.33% AER (variable), influenced by the Bank of England Base Rate and Tide’s margin.
  • Access: Unlimited withdrawals without fees or penalties, ensuring immediate access to funds.
  • Minimum Balance: Open an account with just £1; no specified maximum balance limit.
  • Fees: No monthly maintenance or transaction fees on withdrawals.
  • Benefits: Easy setup and management via the Tide app, with FSCS protection up to £85,000.
  • Eligibility: UK residents aged 18+ with an active Tide Business Account. Suitable for sole traders and limited companies.
  • Application: Open a Tide account, download the app, tap on Instant Saver Account, and deposit a minimum of £1 to begin.
  • FSCS Protection: Savings are safeguarded up to £85,000, covering the total deposits you hold with ClearBank.
Interest Rate (AER)
Minimum Balance
Interests Paid
  • No Monthly Fees
  • User-Friendly
  • Competitive Interest Rate
Easy Access
See Deal
More info
  • Quick Application Process
  • Flexible Withdrawal Options
  • Low Minimum Deposit
  • Limited Account Options
  • Interest Rate Fluctuations
  • Limited Physical Presence

TrustScore – 4.6 – Excellent

FSCS Protected

Allica Bank Easy Access Savings Account

  • Interest Rate: 4.00% AER/Gross per annum, calculated daily and paid annually on the anniversary of the account opening.
  • Access: Withdraw funds anytime without penalties, offering flexible saving options for your company.
  • Minimum and Maximum Balance: Invest between £20,000 and £100,000, suitable for businesses looking to save significant amounts without incurring fees.
  • Fees: No fees for using this savings account, making it cost-effective for businesses.
  • Benefits: FSCS protection up to £85,000, online application without unnecessary paperwork, and no need to change your existing business current account.
  • Eligibility: UK-based businesses registered with Companies House, with a UK business bank account. All controlling persons and significant owners must reside in the UK and be over 18 years old.
  • Application: Entirely online, requiring access to a mobile phone and internet. A straightforward process asking for basic details about your business and its significant owners or controllers.
  • FSCS Protection: Deposits up to £85,000 are covered, ensuring your investment is secure in the event of bank failure.

Cynergy Bank Business Saver

  • Interest Rate: Earn 4.00% AER (variable), paid monthly at 3.93% gross per annum, providing a competitive return on business savings.
  • Access: Offers easy access to your funds whenever needed, with quick account opening and the ability to save from £1 to £10,000,000.
  • Minimum and Maximum Balance: A broad range allows deposits from £1 up to £10 million, catering to businesses of all sizes without fees.
  • Fees: No charges for account management or withdrawals, ensuring cost-effective saving.
  • Benefits: Quick and easy online application process, suitable for a wide range of business entities including sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies. Enhanced security with the use of an authentication app or device for online banking access.
  • Eligibility: UK-based businesses that are registered with Companies House and have a UK business current account. Applies to businesses with up to 10 partners/directors/shareholders.
  • Application: Can be completed online in as little as 10 minutes. Requires a mobile phone number and email address for all signatories, details of a UK business current account for nominated transactions, and the Unique Taxpayer Reference number.
  • FSCS Protection: Your deposits are safe up to £85,000, providing security and peace of mind.

Newcastle Online Business Saver

  • Interest Rate: 3.60% Gross PA/AER for both monthly and annual interest options. The rate is variable, allowing adjustments over the account’s lifetime.
  • Access: Penalty-free withdrawals without notice, offering flexible access to your business funds whenever needed.
  • Minimum and Maximum Balance: Open with just £1 and invest up to £1 million, catering to both small and substantial saving needs.
  • Fees: Interest is paid gross, meaning no tax is deducted at the source. It’s your responsibility to manage any tax obligations.
  • Benefits: Designed for short and long-term business savings, the account can be managed online or via telephone for convenience.
  • Eligibility: Available to UK-registered Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships classified as micro, small, or medium enterprises (SMEs) with up to 250 employees and not exceeding a total balance sheet of £36.5m or an annual turnover of £42.5m.
  • Application: The process is entirely online, ensuring a swift and straightforward application. The account opener must be an owner, partner, designated member, or director of the company to comply with money laundering regulations.
  • FSCS Protection: Eligible for Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) deposit protection up to £85,000, safeguarding your business savings against any unforeseen circumstances.

Aldermore Easy Access Account

  • Interest Rate: 3.25% AER, variable. This competitive rate ensures your savings grow consistently, with the flexibility to adjust to market changes.
  • Access: Offers unlimited, penalty-free withdrawals, providing immediate access to funds as needed without impacting your interest accumulation.
  • Minimum and Maximum Balance: Requires a minimum opening balance of £1,000, suitable for businesses looking to start saving with a moderate amount. The details regarding the maximum balance were not specified.
  • Fees: Interest is paid gross, indicating no tax is automatically deducted. Businesses are responsible for their tax obligations, ensuring straightforward earnings management.
  • Benefits: Notable for its flexibility, allowing additions or withdrawals at any time. Recognised with awards from Moneynet and Savings Champion in 2022, and highly rated by customers on Trustpilot for its ease of use and competitive interest rates.
  • Eligibility: Tailored for businesses that prefer not to lock away their funds and seek the flexibility to add or withdraw money at any time while earning a competitive interest rate.
  • Application: Streamlined and fast online application process, available 24/7 to fit any schedule, making it convenient for busy business owners.
  • FSCS Protection: Secured by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to £85,000, offering peace of mind by protecting your business’s savings against the bank’s potential failure.

Recognise Bank Business Easy Access Account

  • Interest Rate: 3.15% AER/Gross annually, ensuring a competitive return on your business savings with the interest also payable at 3.11% Gross monthly, providing flexibility in how you receive your interest.
  • Access: Offers total freedom to move money in and out of your account, ensuring you have access to your funds whenever necessary without facing penalties.
  • Minimum and Maximum Balance: The account requires a minimum balance of £1,000 to open, and you can save up to £250,000, catering to a wide range of business saving goals.
  • Fees: Recognise Bank does not charge any fees for opening or maintaining the account, allowing businesses to save without worry about diminishing their savings with charges. Interest is paid into your nominated UK bank account or Business savings account monthly or annually.
  • Benefits: Fast and simple setup with the ability to manage your savings online anytime, anywhere. The account is FSCS protected and comes highly recommended by customers on Trustpilot.
  • Eligibility: Open to businesses registered with Companies House that have a UK business bank account, employ fewer than 250 people, and have less than £36.5 million in assets or less than £42.5 million in turnover. Currently, only LLPs and Limited Companies can deposit over £85,000.
  • Application: The account opening process is straightforward and can be completed online in minutes, providing businesses with a quick way to start earning interest on their surplus cash.
  • FSCS Protection: Your deposits are protected up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, ensuring your savings are secure.

Virgin M Business Access Savings Account Issue 33

  • Interest Rate: 3.80% AER (variable), with a gross rate of 3.74% per annum. Monthly interest payments are made on the 10th of each month.
  • Access: Unlimited withdrawals via electronic transfer to the nominated business account, with no fees or penalties, ensuring immediate access to funds.
  • Minimum Balance: Open an account with just £1; no specified maximum balance limit, but the maximum deposit limit is £2,000,000.
  • Fees: No monthly maintenance or transaction fees on withdrawals.
  • Benefits: Easy setup and management online, suitable for micro, small, or medium enterprises (SMEs) registered in the UK. Interest is paid without tax deduction, and monthly transaction notifications are available via email.
  • Eligibility: UK-registered SMEs. The account is designed for businesses looking for a straightforward savings solution with easy online access.
  • Application: Apply online with a minimum deposit of £1 to start. Additional deposits and the operating balance are also set at a minimum of £1.
  • FSCS Protection: Savings are protected up to £85,000 per business, ensuring the security of deposited funds.

Dudley BS Business Saver Issue 2

  • Interest Rate: 3.75% AER (variable) for balances over £1,000, with annual interest paid on the 31st March. The AER indicates what the interest rate would be if interest was compounded yearly.
  • Access: Instant access withdrawals allowed, providing flexibility to access funds without restrictions.
  • Minimum Balance: Requires a minimum of £1,000 to open and operate the account.
  • Fees: No explicit mention of monthly maintenance or transaction fees, suggesting cost-effective account management.
  • Benefits: Offers a competitive interest rate for business savings and supports a substantial maximum balance limit.
  • Eligibility: Designed for Corporate Bodies, including entities registered with Companies House and identified by designations such as ‘Ltd’, ‘Plc’, or ‘Incorporated’.
  • Application: Account opening available at branches or via post, with operational instructions needed in person or in writing.
  • FSCS Protection: Not explicitly mentioned, but as a regulated financial institution, funds may be protected up to a certain limit by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Oxbury Bank Farm Business Easy Access Issue 1

  • Interest Rate: 3.66% AER (variable), offering competitive returns on savings.
  • Access: Same working day access to funds, subject to a 1.00 pm cut-off time, ensuring swift availability of your money.
  • Minimum Balance: Minimum deposit of £1,000 required to open an account, with a maximum deposit limit of £500,000.
  • Fees: Not specified, but typically, savings accounts may not have monthly maintenance or transaction fees.
  • Benefits: Tailored for the agricultural sector, with easy access to funds. FSCS protection up to £85,000 ensures the safety of your deposits.
  • Eligibility: Open to active farmers with a valid CPH or SBI number, confirming engagement in farming activities.
  • Application: Apply online with a minimum deposit of £1,000 to start. The process is streamlined for those in the farming industry.
  • FSCS Protection: Deposits are safeguarded up to £85,000, offering security and peace of mind for account holders.

Shawbrook Bank Easy Access Business Account – Issue 11

  • Interest Rate: 3.66% AER (variable), with options for monthly interest at a gross rate of 3.60% or annual interest at a gross rate of 3.66%.
  • Access: Next working day access to funds, ensuring swift availability with withdrawals permitted before 9:30pm.
  • Minimum Balance: Open an account with as little as £1,000, providing an accessible entry point for businesses.
  • Maximum Balance: Save up to £85,000, with the account catering to small to medium-sized business needs.
  • Fees: Not explicitly mentioned, indicating no significant fees for account management or withdrawals, provided the withdrawal amount is at least £500.
  • Benefits: Unlimited withdrawals and a low opening balance requirement offer flexibility and convenience. The account is suitable for sole traders, limited companies, and partnerships (excluding LLPs).
  • Eligibility: Available to sole traders, limited companies (limited by shares), and partnerships (excluding LLPs), with restrictions on the number of shareholders and signatories.
  • Application: The account can be opened online, with a simple application process. Management of the account is available online or by phone.
  • FSCS Protection: Deposits are protected up to £85,000 per person under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, doubling protection for joint accounts to £170,000.

Business Easy Access Accounts Explained

What is an easy access business savings account?

An easy access business savings account is a type of bank account tailored for businesses that need to earn interest on their surplus cash while retaining the ability to access these funds readily when required.

These accounts typically offer variable interest rates, meaning the rate can change over time based on the market and the bank’s discretion.

The primary advantage of an easy access account is its liquidity; businesses can withdraw funds without facing penalties or fees, making it an ideal choice for managing cash flow effectively. While there may be a minimum deposit required to open the account, these thresholds are usually quite low, making it accessible for a wide range of businesses from sole traders to limited companies and partnerships.

What’s the Highest Interest Rate Available on an Easy Access Business Savings Account?

At the time of writing, , the Tide Instant Access Savings Account offers the highest interest rate at 4.33% AER (variable). This rate is influenced by the Bank of England Base Rate and Tide’s margin, providing a competitive option for businesses seeking easy access to their savings with the flexibility of unlimited withdrawals without fees or penalties. With the ability to open an account with just £1 and no specified maximum balance limit, it is particularly attractive for both sole traders and limited companies. The account also includes FSCS protection up to £85,000, ensuring the safety of deposits up to this amount.



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