Revealed: The UK’s Businesses that Pay Late and the Crippling Effects

Since April 2017, all large companies with a £36 million annual turnover have an obligation to report to the government about their payment practices, which can be accessed by anyone online. Yet, worryingly, a high proportion of these businesses routinely pay suppliers late even with so much cash in the bank. Measly 5% Of Businesses …

Why should I not bank with my Invoice Finance provider?

The old adage ‘not putting all your eggs in one basket’ is accurate when it comes to business banking. When you obtain any kind of traditional Bank finance for a company overdraft, bank loan, or invoice finance arrangement, the Bank will request a debenture and this is usually supported by a personal guarantee. The reason is …

What Additional Charges can be Applied to Invoices?

Invoicing clients and customers is one of the most time-consuming administration tasks most business owners will do. In fact, small business owners can spend up to 10 percent of their time creating, sending and chasing invoices. Nevertheless, invoicing is an essential part of running a business and it must be done in a timely manner …

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