“We believe in business people. They are the creators of wealth and generators of employment not just in the UK but around the world. They are the players on the field, not the spectators who sit dreaming of a better life. Business people take everything they own and ‘lay it on the line’, day in day out, why? Because they believe they deserve better for themselves and their families.

I have been advising companies large, medium and small for over 37 years, and have seen the same things over and over again. Directors have no time to waste, they want answers fast and now and again want an experienced view.

 Site funding

We have tried to save business owners precious time and have everything you would need for invoice finance understanding and comparison. We have designed and built an engine that does not take commissions into account and you do not need to involve us at all – this is your choice.

The investment to create this site should be recouped in the first twelve months and once we have we will make further major improvements. Our aim is once we have scale, is to spring a few more surprises on the financial market. Suffice it to say this will be for our service user benefit – so watch this space. 

We also provide all the business expert advice, expert opinion, knowledge hub, education free so we have to fund this somehow. This is a very large task, rather like painting the Forth Bridge, it is a constant task.

Where we provide direct introductions for invoice finance for example we will normally be paid a commission which is part of the general marketing acquisition plan of the provider. We will review this payment method ongoing to see how we can improve on this for your benefit. We emphasise we provide the considerable site content and future personal guarantee advice without cost to you.

Comparison, Limitations and Commissions

At the moment we don’t have huge financial resources so this site has limitations. Where we have affiliate or partner links we have little or no control once you make your decision and leave our website. The watchword in business is always ‘buyer beware’ and whilst we make whatever checks we can it is no substitute for user experience. Any negative or positive feedback will always be welcome at info@businessexpert.co.uk so we can change what we do to improve our service.

Known Providers

We believe we list every known invoice finance company in the UK large and small whether we get paid commission or not. In the vast majority of cases we do get paid commission but not in every case. The difficulty with the UK invoice finance sector is there are some providers who are not registered anywhere. To complicate matters further some providers act as brokers too.

We are confident our engine provides the most comprehensive comparison of invoice finance available at this time in the UK.   

If you find an invoice finance provider we do not have – let us know and, if in our service users interests we will add them to the engine. Once we have verified the information we will donate £250.00 in your name to Children with Cancer. We will always let you know whether we accept them for the engine or not. If we do not accept them for the engine we will state why.

Remember however you have the unique ability to select three providers and get them to compete for your business. We genuinely believe this more than makes up for this shortfall. 

It is impossible to be 100% accurate at this time because some providers offer different rates region by region for example, or allow variance in terms dependent on manager experience. We are not satisfied with this and will continue to improve the rules as the site and feedback ages so will become more accurate as we progress.

We will develop the pages to include invoice finance news direct from the finance providers. We have no way of knowing who provides good or bad service other than our own experience and what they say. Should you have a different experience then let us know at info@businessxpert.co.uk.