We’ve taken some of the world’s most successful alcohol brands and had some fun with them

As marketers, we understand the importance of personifying brands – giving them human characteristics and personalities – to help them connect more deeply with consumers. And we’ve taken this a step further by using AI to have some fun with some of the world’s most successful alcohol brands. We’ve paired them with spirit animals, an exercise that not only reflects our creative spirit but also offers a unique lens to view these iconic brands.

These spirit animals serve as a playful yet insightful representation of each brand’s persona, embodying their core values, characteristics, and target audiences. It’s an exploration of how AI sees and understands brand identities and an innovative approach to the concept of brand personification. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the wild world of brand spirit animals.

Smirnoff – Blizzard the Blissful Bear

Smirnoff, a globally recognized vodka brand, targets consumers who appreciate quality but also enjoy the leisurely moments in life. Its persona, Blizzard the Blissful Bear, represents the brand’s commitment to delivering a consistently smooth and premium drinking experience. Blizzard embodies the brand’s laid-back, approachable nature, which aligns with consumers seeking unpretentious enjoyment and relaxation in their busy lives.

  • Company Size: Part of the Diageo group, Smirnoff has a wide global presence.
  • Company Scope: Smirnoff is sold in over 130 countries.

Bailey’s – Hazel the Happy Hare

Bailey’s, an Irish cream liqueur brand, prides itself on the warmth, friendliness, and cheer it brings to its consumers. Hazel, the Happy Hare, personifies these qualities with her energetic and joyful nature. The brand caters to those who appreciate indulgence and jovial moments, particularly during gatherings and celebrations.

  • Company Size: Also a part of the Diageo group, Bailey’s is renowned worldwide.
  • Company Scope: Bailey’s is globally recognized and sold in numerous markets.

Moët & Chandon – Séraphine the Sweet Swan

Moët & Chandon, a prestigious champagne house, embodies elegance, sophistication, and a sense of celebration. Séraphine, the Sweet Swan, mirrors this persona with her graceful and serene disposition. The brand’s target audience includes affluent consumers who appreciate the finer things in life and cherish the moments of grandeur.

  • Company Size: Owned by the luxury conglomerate LVMH, Moët & Chandon is a significant player in the champagne industry.
  • Company Scope: The brand has a global presence, with its products enjoyed worldwide.

Brewdog – Lucky the Luscious Lab

Craft beer brand Brewdog targets an audience appreciative of bold, innovative flavors, and unpretentious quality. Lucky, the Luscious Lab, symbolizes Brewdog’s friendly, loyal, and down-to-earth brand persona. Like a Lab, Brewdog is approachable, reliable, and fun-loving, attracting a community of beer enthusiasts who celebrate authenticity and camaraderie.

  • Company Size: Brewdog is a large-scale craft brewery with several locations.
  • Company Scope: Brewdog products are sold internationally with a strong presence in Europe and the US.

Beefeater – Leopold the Lavish Lion

Beefeater, a quintessentially British gin brand, is embodied by Leopold, the Lavish Lion. Like a lion, Beefeater is bold, commanding, and king of its category. Its target audience includes individuals who enjoy traditional, high-quality spirits and appreciate the brand’s rich London heritage.

  • Company Size: Beefeater is a significant player in the global gin market.
  • Company Scope: It has a wide international distribution network.

Pimm’s – Felicity the Flamboyant Flamingo

Pimm’s fruit cup attracts consumers who enjoy vibrant, light-hearted socializing. Felicity, the Flamboyant Flamingo, personifies these qualities. Like a flamingo, Pimm’s is colorful, sociable, and full of character, perfect for summertime gatherings and garden parties.

  • Company Size: Pimm’s is part of the large multinational Diageo group.
  • Company Scope: Pimm’s is widely enjoyed, particularly in the UK and Commonwealth countries.

Captain Morgan – Percy the Pirate Parrot

Captain Morgan, a rum brand steeped in seafaring lore, attracts consumers who appreciate a sense of adventure and exploration. Percy, the Pirate Parrot, encapsulates this daring spirit, embodying the brand’s adventurous persona.

  • Company Size: Captain Morgan is another successful brand under the Diageo umbrella.
  • Company Scope: The brand has a large market share globally, with a strong presence in North America.

Jack Daniel’s – Echo the Enigmatic Eagle

Jack Daniel’s, an iconic American whiskey brand, appeals to consumers who appreciate tradition, robust flavors, and a sense of Americana. Echo, the Enigmatic Eagle, embodies the brand’s persona, symbolizing freedom, power, and the distinctive character of Jack Daniel’s.

  • Company Size: Jack Daniel’s, under the Brown-Forman Corporation, is one of the world’s best-selling whiskies.
  • Company Scope: The brand is globally recognized, with strong sales across the world.

PG Tips – Mona the Mellow Monkey

PG Tips, a comforting tea brand, targets consumers seeking relaxation and simple, heartwarming pleasures. Mona, the Mellow Monkey, personifies this light-hearted and calming persona.

  • Company Size: PG Tips, a brand of Unilever, is one of the top tea brands in the UK.
  • Company Scope: The brand has a broad consumer base, particularly strong in the UK, and is exported to several countries.