RBS is one of the UK’s largest providers of invoice finance spanning decades they have gained a wealth of experience in many sectors. RBSIF will provide funding for a variety of sectors and critical to success is the level of support provided. The majority of invoice finance providers provide some degree of online support so how good is RBSIF?

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RBS FacFlow Snapshot

RBS FacFlow was introduced to provide online invoice finance support and to aim to keep the process as simple as possible. Whilst providing control to directors/administrators alike FacFLow is certainly comprehensive and the supporting video does provide a very detailed view of the complete invoice finance process from start to finish. 

There is also a very good supporting video which provides an overview of the entire process and administrator tips too.  

So what does RBS FacFlow do?

 The RBSIF FacFlow process provides 24/7 online access to your own invoice finance management workflow via a personalised login for your security. Once inside the system, your control panel provides a comprehensive view of every aspect of your invoices payment process quickly and effectively. Having completed your work you want paying as quickly as possible and being able to track at what stage the payment is at. FacFlow provides absolute clarity revealing a step by step view and drill down facility to check progress.

This unique view allows you to upload and receive payment often within the same working day.      

Why Choose RBSIF FacFlow for Your Invoice Finance Provider?

RBS is one of the largest banks in the world with over 30million customers’ group-wide meaning they have a wealth of experience. Most invoice finance providers work in one or two sectors, RBS works in hundreds of sectors.

Financial Scaleability

There is no one size fits all. RBS FacFlow is designed so you control the financial support required 24 hours a day seven days a week. In addition the ability to view invoice discounting and factoring on the same system is a great advantage.   


Emails and documents can be amended at any time and are sent electronically and automatically reducing the need for paper in the invoicing process. This is not only greener but is more secure.

RBSIF Identity Theft and Security

The control panel allows the monitoring of communications whilst doing away with paper reducing the chance of fraud and identity theft. The online monitoring of all related communications and documents allows you to keep track of the invoice payment process.

As you would expect with large amounts of money being transferred online FacFlow uses the very latest password protected encrypted technology.    


The FacFlow easy to use control panel layout means you can see at a glance and a click of your mouse how much you have waiting to be paid. Each field on the menu has a drop down box revealing the system’s unique drill down facility. This ‘drill down’ facility at each step of the invoicing process provides absolute payment clarity.  

FacFlow Support

The RBSIF FacFlow support is excellent with videos that provide ‘how to’ assistance if you get frustrated. There are also plenty of FAQ sections throughout the FacFlow website and finally if none of this works you can call a real human being.

Choose the “Payment availability” link in the availability menu to access your account information. The maximum available balance you’ll see is the amount you can withdraw and will be partly based on the maximum available funds limit that was agreed when you set up your account.

RBSIF Account Information

At the click of a button on the control panel the account information reveals how much you can draw down at any time which is critical to managing cash-flow. All charges, fees and payments to be made can be requested at any time along with payment method.

Alternatives to RBS

If you are considering comparing the market for invoice finance providers, Business Expert is perfectly placed to help with this process and will take all of the hassle away from you. It may be that other types of short-term finance are applicable for your situation as well, such as a bridging loan. To find out more please get in touch.