Tide and Anna Money are two leading small business bank accounts in the UK.

Both banks work hard to offer convenience for smaller businesses, sole traders and freelancers at affordable pricing. But which is better?

Our comparison aims to analyse each bank’s features, pricing, user experience, and pros and cons, enabling you to make an informed decision.

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Is Anna or Tide the Better Choice?

A real-world comparison between the two accounts finds very little to differentiate them. Both are well-priced, have brilliant APPs, and offer lots of time-saving functionality.

As of 2023, we think Tide just edges it. Its pricing is more competitive, at £5 cheaper than the comparable Anna account. You also get access to 24/7 legal advice, which is a nice perk for a small business owner. Finally, they’re offering a free £50 account opening incentive.

Anna wins over, however, on its built-in VAT filing features and the ability to invite your accountant into the app rather than providing them with a CSV. It also allows international payments, which Tide currently does not. We’re also impressed with Anna’s 24/7 support status page which shows just how quickly you’ll get help. At the time of writing, it was 44 seconds!

Anna vs Tide: Banking Features

For the purposes of this table, we’ll compare the Tide Pro and the Anna Business account: both paid options. Both providers have several account tiers, including free options, so you’ll need to visit their own pricing pages for more specific research.

FeatureTide Pro AccountAnna Business
Monthly Account Fee£9.99£14.99
Minimum Balance RequirementNoneNone
UK ATM Withdrawals£1£1 (3 free per month)
Bank Transfers20 free per month, then 20pFree
International PaymentsNot offered1 free per month, then £5 per payment, plus 0.5% currency conversion fee
Free Invoice GeneratorYesYes
Cash DepositsPost Office – 0.5%
PayPoint – 3%
Paypoint – 1%
Using Your Card in a Foreign Currencystandard MasterCard rates0% fee for non-GBP transactions
Customer SupportPhone, email, and chat support Phone, email, and chat support
24/7 Legal HelplineYes (via  Irwin Mitchell LLP)Not available
Overdraft FacilityNot availableNot available

Tide vs Anna: how do the Account Charges Compare?

As you can see from this table, both accounts are very evenly matched, with Tide being very slightly cheaper on a couple of points.

FeesTide ProAnna Business
Monthly account fee£9.99£14.99
Banks Transfers (UK)20p50 free (then 20p each)
ATM withdrawal fee (UK)£13 free per month, then £1 per withdrawal
International Card paymentsMastercard standard rates1% conversion fee for
transactions made in non-GBP
Replacement card fee£5free
Account closure feefreefree
Fees for cash deposits£2.50 for deposits up to £500 or 0.5% of cash amount for deposits over £500 (at Post Offices) 3% (at PayPoints)0.7% or £3 minimum (at Post Offices)
Fee for payments in and out20p each£0
Direct Debits20p each£0

Anna vs Tide Interest rates

Neither Anna it Tide offer interest rates, unlike traditional banks. This is perfectly normal for the challenger bank and e-money space.

Paying in Cash and Cheques

Both Anna and Tide allow you to pay in cash at largely comparable prices.

Neither allows the paying in of cheques.

Tide vs Anna Bank: Which Has the Better Mobile App?

When it comes to mobile banking, Tide and Anna Bank both offer easy-to-use and intuitive mobile apps that are designed to help small businesses manage their finances on the go. Here’s a comparison of the mobile apps of both Tide and Anna:

Mobile App FeaturesTideAnna Bank
AvailabilityiOS and AndroidiOS and Android
Easy Account SetupEasy Easy
Balance Check
Expense TrackingUpload and store receiptsUpload and store receipts
Real-time Notifications
Auto-match payments
Chase InvoicesX

Tide Vs Anna Bank Accounts: Which is Safer?

Here’s a comparison of the safety and security measures offered by Tide and Anna:


  • Various security features, including two-factor authentication, biometric login, and data encryption safeguard tide accounts.
  • The app uses SSL encryption to ensure that data is transmitted securely.
  • Tide accounts, offered via Clear Bank, are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which protects up to £85,000 in case the bank fails.


  • Anna Bank accounts are also protected by two-factor authentication and data encryption to ensure the security of customer information.
  • The app also provides a feature to freeze or unfreeze the account instantly in case of suspected fraud.
  • Anna accounts do not benefit from (FSCS) deposit protection of up to £85,000.

Compare Anna Money Vs Tide