Cashback credit cards are a great way to earn rewards on your business spending. With these cards, you can earn a percentage of your spending back in cash, which can be redeemed for a variety of things, such as statement credits, gift cards, or air miles.

But with many business credit cards on the market, each boasting its unique set of features, finding the right one requires research.

My guide aims to simplify that process by spotlighting some of the best options available in the UK based on a detailed comparison.

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Best Cashback Business Credit Card: My Verdict

Ultimately, the best option depends on your business needs and spending habits. However, there are clear standouts:

Capital on Tap offers a solid 1% cashback across all spending with no annual fee for the Free Rewards card. The option to convert cashback to Avios points with the Business Rewards card (£99 annual fee) is a good choice for businesses that require frequent travel.

Barclays Select Cashback has a great opening offer of 3% cashback for the first three months, reduced to 1% thereafter. It’s a sound option, especially considering there is no annual fee.

Santander Business Cashback credit card is a good choice for smaller businesses and sole traders, offering 1% cashback with no extra charges for additional cards. Like Capital on Tap, their lack of foreign transaction fees is a bonus for businesses transacting overseas.

RBS Business Plus stands out with its tiered cashback system, offering up to 2% cashback based on spending categories. Although it carries a £70 annual fee, heavy card users may find the cashback earned outweighs the cost. Plus, no foreign transaction fee is a major advantage for international spenders.

Can you get Cashback on a Business Card?

Yes, you can get cashback on a business card.

Many major banks and card issuers offer cashback rewards as an incentive for businesses to use their cards for eligible purchases.

Cashback rewards allow businesses to earn a percentage of their spending back in the form of cash, which can help offset some of their business expenses or be reinvested into the company.

How Do Business Cashback Credit Cards Work?

Cashback business cards are designed to provide businesses with a way to earn rewards on their purchases. The cashback arrangement typically involves the following key elements:

  1. Cashback Percentage: Businesses earn a certain percentage of cash back on each transaction when using a cashback business card for eligible purchases. The cashback percentage is often higher for specific spending categories, such as office supplies, travel, or telecommunications.
  2. Eligible Spending: Businesses must use their cashback business card for eligible purchases only to earn cashback rewards.
  3. Accumulation of Rewards: The rewards are calculated based on the cashback percentage associated with each spending category. Most cards come with an app where you can track this in detail.
  4. Redemption Options: Once a certain amount of cashback has been accumulated, businesses can redeem the rewards through various options. This may be applying the cashback as a credit to the cardholder’s account, receiving a deposit into the linked business bank account, or converting the cashback into vouchers or gift cards.

How to Choose the Right Cashback Business Card:

  1. Cashback Percentage: Compare the cashback rates offered by different cards. Look for higher percentages that suit your business expenses.
  2. Eligible Spending and Cap: Check what purchases qualify for cashback and if there’s a limit on how much you can earn.
  3. Annual and Transaction Costs: Consider any annual fees and transaction charges associated with the card.
  4. Foreign Transaction Costs: Be aware of any international spending and withdrawal fees.
  5. Interest Rates and Penalties: Review the card’s interest rates and late payment penalties.
  6. Additional Cards: Check if you can get extra cards for employees and if there are any additional charges.

By considering these factors, you can find a cashback business card that fits your business needs and helps you maximize your rewards.

The Best Cashback Business Card in the UK

When it comes to cashback business cards in the UK, there are several options available, each offering unique features and benefits. Below, we have reviewed some of the best cashback business cards in the UK to help you make an informed decision:

Credit CardCashback %CostsForeign Transaction FeeInterest RateAdditional CardsApply Now
Capital on Tap Free Rewards1% on all spendingNo annual feeNo fee35.15% APR variableFreeApply Now
Capital on Tap Business Rewards1% on all spending£99 annual feeNo fee35.15% APR variableFreeApply Now
Barclays Business Select Cashback1% on all spendingNo annual fee2.99%27.1% APR variableFreeApply Now
Santander Business Cashback1% on all spendingNo annual feeNo feeN/AFreeApply Now
RBS Business Plus0.5% – 3% tiered cashback£70 annual feeNo fee29% APR variableFreeApply Now

1. Capital on Tap: Best Overall Cashback Credit Card

Capital on Tap offers two options for their cashback credit card: Free Rewards and Business Rewards. With both options, you can earn 1% cashback on all your card spending, which includes bills, operating costs, and general expenses. That means every time you use your card for business purchases, you’ll get some money back.

For the Free Rewards option, there is no annual fee, so you can enjoy the cashback benefits without any extra cost. You’ll also have access to exclusive offers and savings at places like Zoom, Hertz, and Superscript. Plus, you can redeem your points in different ways, such as using them against your balance, getting cash, or getting discounted gift cards.

If you choose the Business Rewards option, there is an annual fee of £99, but you get even more rewards. You still get the 1% cashback on all card spending, exclusive offers, and the same redemption options as the Free Rewards. On top of that, you also get the option to redeem your points for Avios, and you’ll receive a bonus of 10,000 points when you spend £5,000 in your first 3 months with the card.

Business owners should be aware of the points expiration policy, where points will expire if left unredeemed for 24 consecutive months or if the rewards membership lapses. Timely redemptions are advised to ensure that the value of earned rewards is not lost.

Card NameCapital on Tap Business Credit Card
Cashback Percentage1% on all eligible spending
General CostNo annual fee for the Free Rewards card; £99 annual fee for Business Rewards card
Currency Exchange RatesVisa exchange rate with no Capital on Tap fee
Interest RatesFrom 15.5%% APR
Additional CardsAvailable for team members at no extra cost

2. Barclays Cashback Business Card

Another great option is the Barclaycard Business Select Cashback Card, which offers a cashback earn-rate of 1% on all day-to-day spending.

The rewards are paid monthly, and there is no cap on the amount of cashback you can earn.

While the cashback is the main attraction, you’ll also get brand-specific offers ranging from discounts on airport parking to visibility of your business’s credit report. They also throw in free accounting software with FreshBooks (worth £264 per year).

The card provides payment flexibility, with a billing cycle that usually allows around 25 days to settle the bill. This means that purchases can effectively benefit from up to 56 days of interest-free credit.

The card is in line with typical industry standards regarding rates and fees. If the balance is not cleared each month, a variable rate of 27.1% applies to purchases, while cash withdrawals incur a higher rate of 33.4%, and purchases made overseas have a 2.99% fee.

I appreciate the added security provided by the purchase protection and cardholder misuse insurance, which comes as standard. But would caution you to note the non-sterling transaction fees for card usage abroad.

Barclays is also running a special offer with a 2% cashback offer on BT and EE spending before 29 September 2023.

Card NameBarclaycard Select Cashback Business Credit Card
Cashback Percentage1% on all eligible spending
General CostNo annual fee
Currency Exchange RatesVisa exchange rate, plus non-sterling transaction fee of 2.99%
Interest RatesFrom 27.1% APR (variable)
Additional CardsAvailable for team members at no extra cost

3. Santander Cashback Business Card

Santander, Spain’s largest bank offer another 1% card/: The Business Cashback Credit Card. You must already have a 1|2|3 Business Current Account or Business Current Account to be eligible.

Cardholders can earn 1% cashback on all eligible business spend with no cap, making it an attractive incentive to offset regular business costs. The card also offers the benefit of no foreign transaction fees on purchases made abroad when paying in the local currency.

Additional cards are free, allowing business owners to extend the card’s benefits to team members and control their spending limits.

There are no interest charges if the balance is paid off in full and on time each month.

Card NameBarclaycard Select Cashback Business Credit Card
Cashback Percentage1% on all eligible spending
General CostNo annual fee
Currency Exchange RatesVisa exchange rate with no Barclays fee
Interest RatesFrom 27.1% APR (variable)
Additional CardsAvailable for team members at no extra cost

4. RBS Business Plus Card

The RBS Business Plus Credit Card offers a rewarding cashback program and additional benefits for business owners. With a £70 annual fee per cardholder, the card allows users to earn cashback on various spending categories.

Cardholders receive 0.5% cashback on all purchases, 1% on eligible travel and accommodation, 2% on eligible trade/business supplies, and 3% at eligible fuel and electric vehicle charging stations. The cashback is limited to £600 per year.

In addition to the cashback rewards, the RBS Business Plus Credit Card offers other advantages, including no foreign transaction fees on purchases made abroad and up to 56 days of interest-free credit period on purchases.

To manage spending better, RBS offer ClearSpend, a free mobile application, to analyse business expenses.

Card NameRBS Business Plus Credit Card
Cashback Percentage3% on eligible fuel and electric vehicle charging stations
2% on eligible trade/business supplies
1% on eligible travel and accommodation
0.5% on all other spending
General Cost£70 annual fee per cardholder
Currency Exchange RatesNo foreign transaction fees on purchases abroad
Interest RatesRepresentative 29% APR (variable) based on £1,200 credit limit
Additional CardsAvailable for team members at no extra cost


The eligible expenses for cashback rewards depend on the specific credit card’s terms and conditions. Common eligible categories include business travel, dining, fuel, office supplies, and general business purchases. Some cards may have specialized categories that offer higher cashback rates.

The redemption options for cashback rewards vary by credit card. Some cards allow you to redeem cashback as statement credits, while others may offer direct deposits to a bank account, gift cards, or merchandise. It’s essential to review the card’s redemption options and choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

The main risk of using a cashback business credit card is the potential for overspending and accumulating debt. If you don’t pay off your credit card balance in full each month, the interest charges can negate the cashback benefits. Additionally, late payments can harm your credit score and affect your business’s financial health.

To maximize the benefits of a cashback business credit card, use the card for eligible business expenses and pay off the balance in full each month to avoid interest charges. Focus on spending in categories with higher cashback rates and stay within your budget to ensure that the cashback rewards are a net gain for your business.