If you’re a business owner looking to open a bank account instantly, you’ll need to choose wisely. We’ll cover the best banks known for their quick account opening processes, focusing on those that require minimal paperwork.

These are typically challenger banks, which enable quicker account openings through more efficient identity verification and risk assessment processes compared to traditional high street banks.

Overall, my analysis showed Tide to be the quickest business account to open: 53% opened new accounts in under 10 minutes, 70% in under 60 minutes, and 81% within 48 hours, according to the bank’s own data.

What are the Quickest Business Bank Accounts to Open?

The Fastest Business Bank Accounts to Open in the UK

BankFree Account Option?Overdraft Available?SpeedVisit
TideYesNo10 minutes (in over 50% of cases)Visit Tide
CashplusYesYesWithin 1 dayVisit Cashplus
RevolutYesNo10 minutes – 1 dayVisit Revolut
ANNA MoneyNoNoLess than 3 minutesVisit Anna
Wise for BusinessYes No1-2 daysVisit Wise for Business
CountingupNoNo5 minutesVisit Countingup
MettleYesNoIn minutesVisit Mettle
Starling BankYesYesWithin 1 dayVisit Starling


Tide offers a range of highly-rated no-monthly-cost current accounts, that offer accounting integration, invoicing capabilities directly from the app, and expense Cards. As businesses grow, Tide’s Plus or Premium memberships offer enhanced support and exclusive perks, for £9.99 or £18.99 per month.

The rapid account opening process, coupled with features such as auto-categorisation of transactions, easy expense management, seamless sync with accountancy software, and direct invoice management within the app, underscores Tide’s value proposition.

Time Required to Open an Account

Opening an account with Tide is remarkably swift: 53% of users can do so in under 10 minutes, 70% in less than an hour, and 81% within 48 hours.


Cashplus offers a reliable, FSCS-protected banking solution without the necessity for credit checks. Known for its rapid account setup, Cashplus continues to gain traction in the UK’s SME sector.

There are both free and premium accounts, integration with major accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, and FreeAgent, and a Mastercard debit card for convenient transactions. The Extra account also adds in free ATM withdrawals both in the UK and abroad, plus 0.5 cashback on card spend, and twenty free transfers a month.

Time Required to Open an Account

Cashplus claims that most customers, 98.45%, get their account number and can start using their account on the same day.

Revolut Business

Revolut Business is a comprehensive platform offering global payments, multi-currency accounts, and smart spending solutions for businesses of all sizes. It supports transactions in over 100 countries and 25+ currencies, making it ideal for companies operating internationally. With features like instant supplier payments, competitive currency exchange rates, and seamless accounting software integration, Revolut Business simplifies financial management and reduces costs.

Security is paramount, with advanced protection for business finances, and the platform provides immediate access to funds and real-time financial control through both physical and virtual cards. Revolut Business also offers unique tools like Tap to Pay on iPhone, allowing for easy in-person payments without extra hardware. Tailored for freelancers, startups, and large enterprises, Revolut Business delivers a flexible and efficient banking alternative, designed to scale with your company’s growth.

Time Required to Open an Account

You can open a Revolut Business account quickly in about 10 minutes – just fill out a short form. Revolut will then need to review your business account application and start the on-boarding process, a process which usually happens within 24 hours from the point of application.

ANNA Money

ANNA Money provides a business account that combines traditional banking features with additional tools to assist with business management and growth. It streamlines administrative tasks, offering functionalities like tax calculations, invoice management, and expense tracking.

The platform is designed to simplify business administration. It automatically handles invoices, tracks expenses, and assists with VAT and tax responsibilities. Support is available around the clock through chat in the ANNA app, ensuring assistance is readily accessible.

For businesses requiring mobility, ANNA offers a solution to manage finances on the go. It also provides a suite of features for comprehensive business accounting management, including VAT registration and tax filing. With invoicing software and a receipt scanner, ANNA aims to reduce the administrative load on business owners.

Time Required to Open an Account

Opening an ANNA account is straightforward, taking approximately 3 minutes, and customers typically receive their ANNA Mastercard within 5 working days.

Wise for Business

Wise Business provides an international business account designed to facilitate fast and cost-effective global transactions. It allows businesses to set up local account details in 9 currencies, enabling overseas customers to pay as if they were local. This service is trusted by over 30,000 businesses for managing Amazon earnings and supports payments in over 70 countries without hidden fees or exchange rate markups.

Wise Business is recognized as an authorized financial services provider and safeguards funds in compliance with FCA regulations. It offers a business debit card that operates globally without foreign transaction fees, complemented by a 0.5% cashback on spending. Additionally, Wise integrates with popular accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, and FreeAgent to streamline administrative tasks.

The account also features innovative financial tools such as the ability to earn interest on your money, batch payments for up to 1,000 people, and customizable team access to accounts. Wise Business emphasizes security with dedicated fraud protection, 2-factor authentication, and partnerships with established financial institutions.

Time Required to Open an Account

To open a Wise business account, verification is required, typically involving photo ID, proof of address, and a photo of you holding your ID. This process generally completes within 2 working days. Simply log in and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account.


CountingUp offers a business banking solution integrated with accounting software, tailored for sole traders and limited companies in the UK. With a focus on simplifying financial administration, CountingUp automates bookkeeping and tax tasks directly through its app. Users can quickly create and send professional invoices, capture receipts, and gain real-time insights into their business finances, including profit and loss reports, tax estimates, and invoice management.

With a trial period offering no subscription fees for the first three months, CountingUp presents a cost-effective entry point to business banks. After the trial, pricing is tiered based on monthly deposit amounts, making it scalable for businesses of different sizes. This approach, combined with features like real-time profit and loss reporting and the ability to easily share data with accountants, positions CountingUp as a valuable tool for over 50,000 UK businesses looking for an all-in-one banking and accounting solution.

Time Required to Open an Account

CountingUp allows you to open a business account quickly using your smartphone, typically in under 5 minutes. Simply provide a valid UK phone number to get a link, download the CountingUp app, and complete your account setup. You’ll immediately receive your account number, sort code, and a contactless debit Mastercard.


Mettle offers a business banking solution tailored for sole traders and limited companies with up to two owners, designed to support the self-employed and small businesses. Trusted by over 100,000 users, Mettle combines banking with built-in features to simplify financial management.

Customers can earn interest on savings with a savings pot, offering a competitive rate on balances starting from as little as £10, with a maximum balance limit of £1 million. Mettle also streamlines the payment process, enabling users to manage their entire payment cycle from invoicing to reconciliation directly from their mobile device. This includes creating and sending customised invoices on the go, tracking payments, and receiving instant payment notifications.

Mettle comes with FreeAgent accounting software integration, helping businesses with bookkeeping and tax calculations, providing insights into how much tax is owed and when it’s due. Users can also set money aside for taxes automatically into a Tax Pot.

As part of NatWest, Mettle assures customers of reliable support, secure banking, and protection for eligible funds up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Time Required to Open an Account

Completing the application process to ope an account with Mettle can be accomplished “in minutes,” according to their website. They aim to complete the review of all applications within 72 hours (excluding weekends).

Starling Bank

Starling Bank offers an award-winning business current account designed for both sole traders and limited companies in the UK. The account is free to open and maintain, with no monthly fees or UK payment charges, appealing to over 500,000 businesses looking for an efficient banking solution.

Features of the Starling business account include a Mastercard debit card, 24/7 UK-based support, and full FSCS protection up to £85,000. The account integrates seamlessly with major accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, and FreeAgent, facilitating automated spending categorization, receipt capture, and comprehensive financial management directly from the app.

Starling promotes less administrative hassle and more control over your business finances, offering features such as easy in-app application, free ATM withdrawals, no fees abroad, and instant payment notifications. Additionally, businesses can earn interest on savings and deposit cash at the Post Office, enhancing the banking experience.

Time Required to Open an Account

Opening a Starling business account is remarkably swift for the majority of applicants. Starling provides an account number and enables account usage for:

  • 94% of customers on the same day;
  • On average, within 1 day;
  • And for 99% of customers within 4 days.

This timeline is contingent upon Starling receiving all the necessary information and documents upfront, assuming no additional details are required to open the account.

Are there any Instant Business Bank Accounts in the UK?

No, there are no strictly instant business bank accounts in the UK, as all financial institutions, including challenger banks and e-money fintechs, are required to conduct Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. However, some banks allow you to open an account almost instantly, typically within around 10 minutes, provided you pass their verification processes quickly. Examples of these include Tide, Cashplus, and ANNA Money.

What is a Same-day Business bank Account?

A same-day business bank account refers to a banking service that allows business owners to apply for and gain access to banking features such as an account number and sort code on the same day they apply. This expedited process is often facilitated by digital or challenger banks, which leverage online verification and processing to speed up the account opening procedures. Examples include Tide, Starling, Anna, Revout and Cashplus in the UK.