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Trade finance is the collective term for a wide range of finance tools available, including cash, credit, investments and other assets, that can be used to facilitate trade. In its simplest form, an exporter will require an importer to prepay for goods to be shipped. In return, the importer will ask the exporter for proof that the goods have been shipped.

This process will usually begin with a letter of credit being sent by the importer’s bank to the exporter’s bank promising payment once certain shipping documents have been seen. The exporter’s bank will then loan the money to the exporter based on the contract that has been agreed.   

Trade Finance

Could invoice finance bridge your trade finance gap?

If you are a UK based exporter, Business Expert allows you to compare invoice finance providers to raise finance against foreign debtors. As soon as an invoice has been raised for the export deal, you send a copy of the invoice to an invoice finance provider. They will release up to 90 percent of the value of the invoice immediately, providing you with the capital for the shipment to be made.

Compare invoice finance providers today to find the best deal. Average cost is just 2-3 percent per invoice and the capital is released in as little as 24 hours of the invoice being sent.